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Saturday July 22, 2017

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David Deaton

David Deaton

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Thursday, 20 July 2017 11:50

Photo of the Day: Fire by Walmart

Poteau, Oklahoma - This photo was submitted to OKW News from a grass fire that occurred yesterday (July 19, 2017) just off the Walmart parking lot and the Cavanal Scenic Expressway in Poteau. The Poteau Fire Department were called to the scene to distinguish the fire.

Everyone needs to remember to stay safe and give a big thank you the to all the fire fighters who have to battle the heat to fight fires.

A heat advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service in Tulsa.

According to the NWS, heat index values will range from 102 to 110 across eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. If you must be outside, take frequent breaks and stay hydrated.


IMPACTS...The combination of hot temperatures and high humidity will combine to create a dangerous situation in which heat illnesses are possible.


Dangerous heat and humidity will continue through at least Saturday for much of the area. There will be a chance for thunderstorms by Sunday afternoon, as a cold front approaches the area. Any precipitation will bring some relief to the heat for the first part of the work week.


Stay safe and stay cool!

Strike A Lot Lanes Kids Kamp – Thursday, Friday and Saturdays in July. 9am – 12:30pm - Poteau, OK

July 21
Karaoke at JoJo’s Snow Cones- Historic Downtown Poteau, OK

July 22
Summer Concert Serious: Butch Cavendish – Reynolds Center, Poteau, OK

July 25 through 27
Bandit Football Camp 6:30pm – Poteau, OK. For any additional information contact Matt Locke 479-221-6780.

July 28
The Polished Professional – Reynolds Center – Poteau, OK
Quilts of Past & Present Quilt Show – Vian, OK

August 5
Talihina City Wide Yard Sale – Talihina, OK
Cavanal Chorale Summer Show Case – Reynolds Center - Poteau, OK

August 26
Dr. John Montgomery Banquet – Reynolds Center – Poteau, OK


Events at Strike A Lot Lanes in Poteau

Wacky Wednesdays:
$1.00 Bowl Games (Shoe Rental $2.50) & ½ Priced Laser Tag
9-Pin Tourney Challenge - 7pm
Cosmic Bowl 9pm-11pm - 2 hr. unlimited bowling, $10 (shoe rental not included)
8pm-11pm; three-hour unlimited bowling and light show -$10 plus shoe rental

Bowlaraoke and Cosmic Bowl 8pm-11pm
BOGO Sunday’s


Events at the Lounge in Poteau

Guy’s Night Out – Happy Hour Prices for guys All Night
Karaoke 9pm-Close & Reverse Happy Hour 9pm-12am
Thirsty Thursday = $2 large soda, games and shoes
Karaoke or scheduled band or event
Sunday's Fun day
Happy Hour 2pm-7pm
Pool tourney -5 pm

Press release


Nine Carl Albert State College staff members recently participated in a two day InsideTrack Coaching training. The InsideTrack program partners with colleges and universities to prepare staff in the areas of increased enrollment, completion, and career readiness.

CASC NASNTI Project Coordinator Micky Solomon stated, “We were pleased to have staff from across campus benefit from this training. We feel it will make a difference as we interact with our students.” Solomon went on to explain that InsideTrack has been implemented in over 1600 colleges, universities and technical schools since 2011.

InsideTrack Manager of Training and Development Courtney Conley led the training at the CASC Poteau campus.


Members of the CASC staff in attendance included Solomon, NASNTI Coaching Coordinator Reegan Huff, Choctaw Nation Success Coach Katie Herr, Admissions Assistant Leah Culwell, Financial Aid/Default Management Officer Kayla Davis, NASNTI Technology Specialist Brad Davis, Financial Aid Counselor Crystal Armstrong, Activity Director/Student Life Assistant Shara Olive, and Admissions Specialist Jessica Lloyd.


CASC Mission Statement: To provide an affordable, accessible, and exceptional education that fosters student success.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017 14:23

Logan Deaton receives CASC Scholarship


Carl Albert State College is pleased to announce that Logan Elise Deaton has received the Kiamichi Electric Scholarship offered at CASC.

Deaton is the daughter of David & Donna Deaton and a graduate of Wister High School.



Carl Albert State College is pleased to announce that Lexie Lynne Burcham is the recipient of the OG&E Scholarship offered at CASC.

Burcham is the daughter of Paul and Patty Burcham and a graduate of Smithville High School.

Her major is Pre-Law.


Peer Counselors Encourage Mothers to Breastfeed
Submitted by Leslie J. Covey,  Public Information Officer Haskell, Latimer, LeFlore and Sequoyah County Health Departments


In Oklahoma, mother-to-mother support has proven to be one of the most successful approaches to encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies. Since 2005, the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s WIC Peer Counselor Program has trained breastfeeding peer counselors to work in county health departments and provide one-on-one counseling for mothers wanting to breastfeed. These peer counselors have a passion for breastfeeding and a desire to help mothers have a positive breastfeeding experience. Since the program’s implementation, breastfeeding rates in pilot clinics have increased from 61.6 percent to 83.1 percent of mothers who initiate breastfeeding following childbirth.


The program has grown from four pilot clinics to 28 clinics in Blaine, Caddo, Canadian, Cleveland, Comanche, Creek, Custer, Delaware, Haskell, Kingfisher, LeFlore, Lincoln, Logan, McClain, McIntosh, Okmulgee, Ottawa, and Tulsa counties.

Research shows that there are many long-term health benefits for infants who are breastfed exclusively for six months or longer. These benefits reduce chronic diseases, such as obesity, type 1 and 2 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and some childhood lymphomas and leukemia. Because of these health benefits, increasing breastfeeding rates has become a priority of the WIC program, as well as a benchmark to improving infant outcomes as part of Oklahoma’s “Preparing for a Lifetime – It’s Everyone’s Responsibility” infant mortality prevention initiative.

“I never expected to reap so many gratifying experiences from my work as a peer counselor. I have been able to assist so many mothers to successfully breastfeed their babies. I love the opportunity to positively influence a mother and her child’s life. It is definitely the most valuable work I have ever done,” said Amber DeWinter, WIC Peer Counselor in Comanche County.

During World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7, LeFlore County Health Department will be having a Breastfeeding bash on August 4th in our Community room. Pregnant and Breastfeeding moms are welcome to come celebrate World Breastfeeding Week at 10:30 a.m. and at 2:30 p.m. Games, Door Prizes, and Fun to be expected, feel free to bring your children, Snacks and refreshments will be available.

In addition to the WIC Peer Counseling Program, Oklahoma has many programs, initiatives and laws that support breastfeeding mothers including the Oklahoma Breastfeeding Hotline, the Breastfeeding Friendly Worksites recognition program, the new Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank, and the Baby-Friendly Hospital International Designation, which recently was awarded to the first Oklahoma Baby-Friendly Hospital, Claremore Indian Hospital. National and state laws also provide support for breastfeeding mothers in public places and in the workplace.

For more information about breastfeeding, visit the OSDH Breastfeeding website at or call the Oklahoma Breastfeeding Hotline 1-877-271-MILK (6455).

A service of the Oklahoma Wildlife Department


Arbuckle: Lake elevation below normal with 83 degree  stained to clear water. Bass, Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and spotted bass biting good on crankbaits, hair jigs, jigs, spoons and worms around brush structure and Creek Channels. White bass action is slow biting on jigs minnows and lot of little crappie 10'' around brush structure in the main lake. Submitted by Jack Melton.


Blue River: Lake elevation is normal with 78 degree clear water. Spotted Bass Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass biting good on Crankbaits and topwater in the shallows and shallow sandbars. Topwater for bass being best right after sunrise and right before sunset. Channel Catfish biting good on Chicken liver and stinkbait around points, sandbars and deeper pools around eddys. Flathead Catfish Biting Fair on Life bait in deeper pools. Submitted by Matt Gamble Fisheries Biologist.


Broken Bow: Lake elevation is below average, water temperature at 79 degrees. Largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass biting fair on Alabama rig, plastic and spoons around brush structure and standing timber. White Crappie biting fair on jigs and minnows around brush structure and standing timber. Submitted by Dru Polk Game Warden stationed in Mccurtain County.


Durant: Lake elevation Normal with clear water. Largemouth Bass biting slow on crankbaits, flukes and lipless baits around brush structure, channels,main lake and standing timber. Black Crappie slow on minnows and tube jigs around brush structure, maine lake and standing timber. Submitted by Michael Ward.


Eufaula: Lake elevation Normal with normal murky water. White, striped and hybrid bass biting good on live shad and sassy shad in main lake and river channel. Blue, channel, and flathead catfish biting good on cut bait and shad in main lake and river channel. White and Black crappie biting good on minnows around docks and standing timber. Submitted by Game Warden Terry Springwater stationed in Garvin County.


Hugo: Lake elevation above average with a water temperature at 82 degrees. Blue and channel catfish biting good on cut bait, live bait and shad below the dam. Largemouth and spotted bass biting fair on buzz baits plastics and spinnerbaits around brush structure creek channels and in the shallows. Submitted by Jay Harvey Game Warden, stationed in Choctaw County.


Konawa: Lake elevation is normal with water 87 degrees and clear. Largemouth biting fair on buzzbaits, crankbaits, flukes, plastics and topwater in main lake, points, river channels and weed beds. White bass and hybrids biting good on crankbaits, live shad and spoons in coves, main lakes, points and river channels. Channel Catfish biting fair on chicken liver and cut bait around channels, coves, main lake and riprap. Submitted by Garret Harley.


Lower Mountain Fork: Lake elevation is normal with clear water. Rainbow Trout biting good on powerbait, small lures and worms below the dam and in spillway. Submitted by Mark Hannah Game Warden in McCurtain County.


McGee Creek: Lake elevation above average water temperature 84 degrees and clear. White Crappie biting excellent on minnows around brush structure. Largemouth and spotted bass biting fair on plastic around brush structure, main lake, rocks , standing timber and weed beds. Channel and flathead Catfish biting fair on sunfish in river channel and around rocks. Submitted by Larry Luman Game Warden, Atoka County.


Murray: Lake elevation is normal with 80 degree clear water. Largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass biting slow on alabama rigs, crankbaits, flukes, plastics sassy shad and topwater in main lake points and weed beds. Channel catfish Biting fair on chicken liver, cut bait, minnow, shad,shrimp and worms in channels, coves riprap and rocks. Bluegill, green and redear sunfish biting good on jigs, tube jigs and worms around docks, rocks and weed beds. Submitted by Jeremy Brothers Game Warden, Carter County.


Pine Creek: Lake elevation above average with clear water. Largemouth bass biting good on plastics, spinnerbaits and topwater around brush structure and points. Black crappie biting good on jigs around brush structure. Channel catfish biting good on cut bait in creek channels and main lake. Submitted by Mark Hannah Game Warden in McCurtain County.


Robert S. Kerr: Lake elevation normal with stained water. Largemouth are biting excellent on jigs and spinners around brush structures, shallows and standing timber. Blue Catfish Fair on minnows and jigs around creek channels and riprap. White Crappie biting fair on jigs and minnows in creek channels and around riprap. Submitted by J.D. stauffer Game Warden, in Haskell County.


Sardis: Lake elevation above average with water temperature 82 degrees-14". Largemouth and spotted bass biting on crankbaits, inline spinners, jigs, plastics and top water around brush structure, points, riprap, shorelines, standing timber and weed beds. Channel, Blue and Flathead catfish biting good on cut bait, live bait live shad and sunfish in the main lake, rocks and shoreline. White crappie biting fair on hair jigs, minnows and tube jigs around bush structure and standing timber. Submitted by Dane Polk Game Warden, in Pushmataha Counties.


Texoma: Lake elevation is normal with stained water. Largemouth and smallmouth bass biting good on crankbaits, plastics and spinnerbaits around coves and points. Striper and white bass biting fair on flukes, hair jigs, shad and top water below the dam, on points, riprap and river mouth. Blue and channel catfish biting fair on chicken liver, cut baits, live shad, sunfish and worms below the dam, on points, riprap and in the river mouth. Submitted by Cody Jones Game Warden, in Mclntosh County.


Wister: Lake elevation above average with 90 degree stained water. Largemouth biting slow on jigs, plastics, spinnerbaits, and worms around brush structures, main lake, points and the river channel. Blue and channel catfish biting fair on cut bait and grasshoppers in the main lake. White crappie biting fair on minnows and jigs around brush structures, main lake and river channel. Submitted by James Williams Game Warden, in Leflore County.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 20:36

Larissa Deaton receives CASC Scholarship

Carl Albert State College is pleased to announce that Larissa Janae Deaton is the recipient of the Baysul & Rotha Balentine Memorial Scholarship offered at CASC.

Larissa is the daughter of David & Donna Deaton and a graduate of Wister High School.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017 16:40

Helen Louise Loyd Obituary

Helen Louise Loyd of Summerfield, Oklahoma was born October 29, 1938 in Summerfield, Oklahoma to Roscoe and Mary Iva (Lloyd) Poor and passed away July 18, 2017 in Summerfield, Oklahoma at the age of 78.


She is survived by:

Her husband:
Billy J. Loyd of the home

Two sons:
Robert Coleman of Summerfield, Oklahoma
Rick Coleman of Summerfield, Oklahoma

One daughter:
Vanessa Reed and husband Robert of Pocola, Oklahoma

One step-daughter:
Heidi Winter and husband Peter of Iowa

Three sisters:
Rita Findley of Hinton, Oklahoma
Iveen Perse of Ozark, Arkansas
LeDoris Monigold Mena, Arkansas

Four brothers:
Dempsey Poor of Mountainburg, Arkansas
Manuel Poor of Summerfield, Oklahoma
Elvis Poor of Cameron, Oklahoma
Presley Poor of Mena, Arkansas

Four grandchildren:
Kandy Espinoza and husband Ramon of Heavener, Oklahoma
Josh Coleman of Waldron, Arkansas
Brandon Richie and wife Marjorie of Heavener, Oklahoma
Krystal Harper and husband Justin of Illinois

Four step-grandchildren:
Blake Gregory, Randall and Karlie Watkins, and Peter Winter of Iowa

Five great-grandchildren:
Kadance-Sunshine, Sadie-Gracie, and Rylie-YoYo Espinoza of Heavener, Oklahoma
Duncan and Tristan Richie of Heavener, Oklahoma

Many beloved nieces, nephews, other family members, and dear friends


She was preceded in death by her parents and one brother, Leodis Poor. Helen was a long-term resident of Summerfield and a homemaker.


She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend. Helen loved her dogs BJ, Star, Sydney, and Fritze very much.


Graveside service will be 10:00 a.m., Saturday, July 22, 2017 at the Summerfield Cemetery in Summerfield, Oklahoma with Brother Chris Hyndman officiating.


Burial will follow in Summerfield Cemetery under the direction of Dowden-Roberts Funeral Home of Heavener, Oklahoma.


Viewing will be from noon until 8:30 p.m., Thursday and 8:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m., Friday.


To sign Helen’s online guestbook please visit


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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 16:36

Medlock receives CASC Scholarships


Carl Albert State College is pleased to announce that Ladona Renee Medlock has received the Herman & Mary Thomas Memorial Scholarship offered at CASC and the Tyler Seth Davlin Memorial Scholarship.

Ladona is a graduate of Talihina and plans to major in Nursing at CASC.


Latest Events

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LeFlore County Roller Derby
Sat Jul 22 @ 4:30PM - 09:00PM
Summer Concert Serious: Butch Cavendish
Sat Jul 22 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM