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    By Glenda Wise

    I don’t know about you, but often times my master bedroom is the last place to get my devoted…


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    I absolutely love the look rugs can give a room. They can easily define a space, add coziness, color…
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Decorating Wisely
Friday, 15 March 2019 09:36

Decorating Wisely:Master Bedroom



By Glenda Wise


I don’t know about you, but often times my master bedroom is the last place to get my devoted attention. I spend a lot of time making sure the common areas like the kitchen, living room and entry and decorated, but the master I kind of put on the back burner. It really doesn’t make sense to do this, because the master should be your happy place after a long day at work or running kids around. It should be relaxing, since this is the place that you rejuvenate yourself for the next day.

Here are few ways we can get our master bedrooms up to par with the rest of the home:

• Painting will immediately change the look of any room. A warm grey or beige are great because they are neutral, warm and calming.
• Changing your bedding also makes a big impact. A year or so ago, I changed my bedding to a solid gray. I love it because I can change out the pillows to match the season. It really updated and warmed up the room.
• If you are feeling ambitious, paint your furniture. Painting it all white will freshen up the look while giving an updated farmhouse vibe.
• If you have hard surface flooring, adding a rug makes the room cozy and inviting. Even if you have carpet, try layering a rug on top.
• Drape a coordinating throw blanket on a siting chair or across the end of the bed to make it feel as if you could curl up with a good book.
• Changing lamps will also give a room a big change.

If you’re not ready to make the changes all at once, start small and do a little at a time. Decorate your bedroom for you. After all, it is YOUR happy place!

Monday, 11 March 2019 00:19

Decorating Wisely: Decluttering

By Glenda Wise



As I told you back in November, I have decided to give up buying unnecessary things like clothes, housewares, etcetera. I am happy to say that I haven’t bought anything like that, but I am sad to say my decluttering has not gone so well. I had yet another meltdown one morning because I couldn’t find a pair of pants in my embarrassingly messy closet. It’s’s real bad. Anyway, I was at the doctor’s office the other day and what else is there to do while you wait, but get on Pinterest. I was actually looking for inspiration for this column and I came across the most delightful, genuine blog about decluttering and simplifying that it truly grabbed me and sucked me in. The name of the blog is Simple, on Purpose.

She said so many things that resonated with me, I couldn’t believe it. For example, she starts asking why she allowed all this stuff into her home and life. Isn’t that the truth? I have sat around wondering the same thing. So much of this “stuff” can run our lives without us even realizing it. How much more time would I have if I didn’t have to clean and straighten all of these things?

Even though we’re all sitting here saying, “Yes, I need to declutter!” We often don’t because 1) it’s overwhelming to even know how or where to start and 2) time is limited. I researched further to find more ideas on how to get started decluttering and I came across another blog called Filling the Jars. She offers a slow decluttering process and even a free download to get you started. She suggests choosing the room that means the most to you. For me, that is probably the kitchen because it is very frustrating trying to put clean dishes away in already full cabinets.

I have told you all before that I’m a small victories kind of person. I need to feel like I’ve accomplished something to help me get to the major accomplishment. She suggests a “10 items a day” decluttering method. That is more my speed. I need to do several little things that don’t take up an entire day. The little things add up, because doing that for a month will eliminate 300 items and in six months you will have eliminated nearly 2,000 items from your home! Now, that’s what I’m talking about!
Let’s grab those trash bags and donation boxes and get to simplifying and decluttering our homes!

Friday, 01 March 2019 20:09

Decorating Wisely: Area Rugs

By Glenda Wise


I absolutely love the look rugs can give a room. They can easily define a space, add coziness, color and pull an entire look together. Do I have any? The answer is, unfortunately, no! You guys know that I have animals and they tend to gravitate to an area rug anytime they get sick. Over time, I’ve had to get rid of all of them. I really don’t like not having rugs, but at this point, I don’t have much choice, because my animals are here to stay. Here are a few ways I would use rugs in my home IF I could:

  • Rugs are great at defining and separating spaces. They are especially great when you have an open floorplan.
  • Create harmony by choosing rugs that complement the room and one another.
  • There is nothing worse than buying the perfect rug and bringing it home with hopeful anticipation only to find that it is too small for the space. I’ve made this mistake before; the rug ends up looking like a postage stamp. Keep these general rules of thumb in mind when purchasing a rug:
    • When buying a room size rug, subtract three feet from the length and width of the room. By leaving the floor bare at the edges, the room will look larger.
    • For rugs under dining tables, leave at least 24 inches of the rug from the edge of the table out on all sides.
    • Runners should be 4 inches narrower than your hallway and 18-24 inches shorter. It should be wide enough to accommodate both feet on the rug when walking.
    • If using multiple large area rugs seen from a single spot in you should, they only have to complement one another; they don’t have to match exactly. The designs should be similar with the same motifs in different ways and shades. Stick with one kind of style; don’t mix a contemporty rug and a traditional rug.
  • Don’t limit rugs to the floor, hang it on the wall to create a focal point in a room.

The next time you want to spruce up a room, try adding an area rug for a quick alternative to replacing flooring.

Friday, 22 February 2019 22:50

Decorating Wisely: Murder at the Juice Joint

By Glenda Wise


This past weekend we hosted a murder mystery dinner party. I have wanted to do one of these for a while, but never had the time to get it together. The theme was set in the 20s, Murder at the Juice Joint, to be exact. Let me tell you this was one of the best parties we have ever thrown. It was a ton of prep work, but once that was done, the party practically ran itself.


Here are the deets:

1. First and foremost, your guests are key to the event being a success. It is a must hat you invite people that will embrace their role and dress the part. Had my guests not been so great, the party would have been a complete flop.

2. Next, decide on the type of party you want to have. I went with Night of Mystery ( because some friends of ours had used this particular company. They have tons of themes to choose from, but I wanted to do the roaring 20s, so that is what I went with. Don’t order the party at this point though, because you will need to know how many guests are actually coming.

3. Send an initial invitation about a month in advance asking for an RSVP. Again, this is a must, because the parties will have a specific number of people that will need to come to make it a success.

4. Once you get your RSVPs back and know how many people you have, then you will order your party. We had 25 guests, so we needed to order one of the larger parties. The packet you receive to download is full of everything you need to have a great party right down to the wanted posters!

5. Now, comes the tricky part. I wanted to be just as surprised as my guests about who the murder victim and killer were, so I chose to read very minimal information. At times, this proved a bit difficult when assigning characters, but the instructions were detailed and told me exactly what not to read if I didn’t want to know.

6. Once you assign characters, you will need to send them their particular role that has a detailed description about their character and costume suggestions. I suggest sending this at least two weeks in advance allowing them time to order costumes if needed.

7. Now comes the rest of the prep work, once guests arrive they will have objectives to complete. Each guest will have their own envelopes with specific things for them to do like creating a bit of drama with another guest or taking a bribe. You get the idea. You will need to have all of this done way beforehand. Ashton and I of course wanted to be extra so we chose to seal the envelopes with wax. She even has the blister to prove it!

8. Any other things your packet has for you to do or gather ahead of time..DO IT! Our packet had money for me to photocopy and give each guest a set amount to bribe other guests or purchase things. For example, the cigarette girl sold Cracker Jacks and cigarettes, but she charged a little extra for clues taped to the merchandise.

Again, once all the initial work is done, you will have the time of your life. I would definitely do it again! One other piece of advice, when assigning guests, if you have enough people try to keep yourself as an “extra” less important role just in case someone cancels at the last minute. That way you aren’t scrambling trying to reassign parts after people have planned on being a specific character.


Friday, 15 February 2019 23:12

Decorating Wisely: Color Trends

By Glenda Wise


For those of us that were late to the all-white party, the 2019 interior color trends are good news. Now don’t get me wrong, I truly love the all-white interiors, but dang, unless you are building a new home or doing a complete remodel it’s quite expensive to repaint the interior and then, you know one thing leads to another and before you know it you’re replacing everything from the couch to picture frames. That “quick” little change in colors suddenly turns into a few thousand dollars!

The 2019 colors are trending towards warm beiges, taupes and greys. You will also find accents of navy blue and hunter green to add an element of depth and sophistication. Now, hold on, before you start thinking that there is no way you are bringing back the jewel tones of the 90s, never fear! Although these colors have the same names of navy blue and hunter green, they are deeper and richer than those of the past. They somehow add an element of boldness, color, calmness and sophistication all at the same time.

Layering hues is also increasingly gaining popular. The layering of various hues of grey helps a modern home find its soft side. This will also work beautifully with hues of beiges.

The new color trends boil down to embracing warmer tones. I mean, even taupe and tan are making a comeback. After all, everything makes a comeback. Growing up I can remember a brown couch with flowers in a basket on it (I think every household in the 70s had this same couch), when my mom finally got rid of it all I can remember her saying is that she never wanted another piece of brown furniture in her life. Well, a couple of decades later, what did she end up with? Another brown couch. All things come back around in some form or fashion.


That is why it is best to stick with colors that you love and not get too caught up on the current interior color craze. Granted the color schemes get a bit softer and a bit more copacetic, but in all they are the same colors, just different uses. Let your accessories do the talking for you by adding a great rug or a sofa table painted in an unexpected color.


The point is, unless you are just dying to do a whole gut and remodel, find ways to make the color aesthetics work for you without breaking the bank and as I mentioned, go with what you love and what makes you happy!

By Glenda Wise


I suddenly realized that I never wrote about this year’s Pantone color of the year. The 2019 color of the year chosen by PANTONE is number 16-1546 Living Coral. The Pantone website describes it as “an animating and life-affirming color hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

PANTONE goes on to describe the color as “representing the fusion of modern life”, because it is a nurturing color that appears naturally in nature, in response to the inundation of digital technology and social media.


This color is said to welcome and encourage lighthearted activity, because we are seeking real and authentic, immersive experiences. Leatrice Eiserman, executive director of The PANTONE Color Institute, says that Living Coral captures consumers’ desires that crave human interaction and social connection. That is a very detailed way to describe a color, but, honestly, it is all true. When one views the color, it does offer some sense of peace and playfulness.

While the color is a mellow shade of orange, it can be difficult to incorporate a new color into our homes. Living Coral will give you a nice pop of color in your décor. It especially works well with anything in the blue family. Think of coral reefs and the beautiful turquoise waters of the ocean or a blue sky and sunset. It is also a nice natural pop of color when used with a neutral color palette of creams, whites and/or greys. Living Coral is complementary with shades of green such as a honeydew hue or sage green.

Check out the color of the year at to see the color for yourself and see how you can bring this beautiful color into your home.

By Glenda Wise


As I mentioned last week, every year about this time after the Christmas decorations have been put away, I get the insatiable need to clean and change some things up around the house. Well, this year was no different, I wanted to move some things around and add some new, updated items. As you know, I gave up buying anything unnecessary for a year and I am on month two. I’ll update you more about that next week, but this week I wanted to tell you about my fabulous new painting Gracie did for me while she was here on break. I say new, but it is actually old. It just had a makeover.

Repurposing has been popular for a while now and I am pretty good at repurposing things, but never to the degree of this.


You see, I have had this picture in my closet for a year or two and I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. There were a couple of reasons for that 1) I’ve always loved it and 2) the frame itself is worth hanging onto. Gracie and I were moving things around one day and I really wanted something new for the wall behind my breakfast table, it is a large blank wall so it needed something big that wouldn’t get lost. We moved this and that around, but nothing quite suited us.


I remembered the picture in the closet, but when we put it up it was just too busy for what I wanted in that space and, to be honest, it looked a little outdated. Gracie being the creative thing she is, suggested that we paint the picture and give it a fresh, more updated look. I said, “Why not? It has been in the closet for over a year. Go for it!” I dug out all the old paint we had from prior projects (because, you know, new paint is an unnecessary expense) and she created the new picture you see on the right. I love it! It is just what that space needed. To update the frame, we just brushed on a bit of gold paint to give it a fresh look.

If you are finding yourself ready for something new, but don’t want to purchase anything, don’t be afraid to paint and update things you have. You never know what kind of masterpiece you might end up with!





Friday, 11 January 2019 14:39

Decorating Wisely: Authentic French Living

By Glenda Wise 


It’s no secret that Grayson is all about all things European, particularly Parisian. She has aspirations of living in France for a year or two after she graduates college and I can almost certainly bet you that she will do it. She has been reading several French bloggers and how they decorate their homes. She recently shared with me a blog that she thought I would enjoy. It’s written by Heather Bullard and it’s about authentic French living. I will have to admit; those French do know a thing or two about decorating a home. They can take the tiniest of spaces and the most common things and make them exquisite. I thoroughly enjoyed the blog post, so much, so that I went on to read the comments (which I never do).

I found so much inspiration in the blog and the comments. The comments were overwhelming similar in that our homes are meant to be unique to us. One particular comment stuck out to me that I have been guilty of until my latter years. The woman was talking about how inviting French homes are because they are perfectly imperfect. They are simple and thoughtful in welcoming friends. She went on to say that sometimes trying to make things perfect keeps her from doing anything at all. Wow! Guilty as charged! How many times have I wanted to host an impromptu dinner party, but everything wasn’t perfect enough for me to invite them. When in all reality, I am probably the only one that would even notice or give a flip about. Her next sentence says just that, “Oh, the pleasures I have missed out on!”

The author attributes this to Americans living in “an instant society” because we tend to accumulate things just to decorate our homes rather than collecting them along the way as life offers us one memory after another. Collecting these things “takes time and patience.” I have said it time and time again, my most treasured things in my home were not mass-produced and probably don’t mean much to anyone else, but they are full of a lifetime of memories. Those things that once belonged to those that have passed on mean the most.

The best part about this “authentic French living” is that it’s not limited to the French. We can all embrace what is at its core—homes filled with meaningful items. I once went into a home that was filled with all kinds of horse racing memorabilia. Now, I do not know the first thing about horses, but, oh, how I enjoyed being there and being able to peer into this couple’s past for a bit. I didn’t know them all that well, but I felt welcomed and like I knew them a bit better personally from the items in their home.

As one of the commenters said, “Don’t get stuck in the sea of sameness.”

Saturday, 05 January 2019 09:30

Decorating Wisely: New Year

By Glenda Wise


Now that all the Christmas decorations are put away (ok, mine are still out, but, hey, we celebrate all the way to the twelfth night, January 6, The Epiphany). Anyway, back to my point, when I finally put away my Christmas decorations, it really gets me in the mood to do a good cleaning, reorganize and redecorate. You know, the whole fresh start in the New Year thing and fortunately goes with my new me of simplifying and no unnecessary purchases this year. The no new purchases thing makes it a little difficult to redecorate, but it doesn’t mean I can’t get creative and rearrange, repaint and re-whatever. Plus, I think it is kind of fun to see what I can make with what I already have.

Here are my favorite January refreshes:

1) Take a few minutes to determine what your true priorities are. Write them down. I write them in my agenda and then make mini goals each week to help me accomplish them. I guess you could say these are resolutions, but for some reason resolutions don’t always feel real or obtainable to me. I do much better with determining priorities.
2) I learned this from a Zig Ziglar podcast, to pick a theme word for the year. Last year my word was, “transformation” and this year my word is “simplify”. It’s pretty powerful to summarize your goals into a word that you can reflect on daily. You will be amazed at how many areas of your life the word applies to.
3) Reduce clutter to allow you to focus on your priorities.
4) Take care of yourself. It has taken me soooo many years to realize that I do need to do self-care. I’m not talking about going to the spa (which is a great self-care technique by the way), but rather doing things to care for your mental, physical and spiritual self. This can be anything from taking 10 minutes a day to journal, read, or sit down to watch your favorite television show. It’s up to you to decide what your best self-care method is.
5) Finish a project. Whatever your thing is, make it a priority to finish it. You will be surprised to find out how much confidence you will gain from finishing a project. I am guilty of starting a project, getting busy and justifying that I don’t have time to do it, but not only for the project’s sake, but for me I need to finish at least one of those this year. Mine is to finish the blanket I have been crocheting for Grayson. Keep in mind the project doesn’t have to be a craft. It can be a “you” project, like deciding you will run a 5K this year.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with faith, hope and family.

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