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    If you are feeling a little under the weather right before the holidays.

    Eastern Oklahoma Medical can help.

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Decorating Wisely
Friday, 11 January 2019 14:39

Decorating Wisely: Authentic French Living

By Glenda Wise 


It’s no secret that Grayson is all about all things European, particularly Parisian. She has aspirations of living in France for a year or two after she graduates college and I can almost certainly bet you that she will do it. She has been reading several French bloggers and how they decorate their homes. She recently shared with me a blog that she thought I would enjoy. It’s written by Heather Bullard and it’s about authentic French living. I will have to admit; those French do know a thing or two about decorating a home. They can take the tiniest of spaces and the most common things and make them exquisite. I thoroughly enjoyed the blog post, so much, so that I went on to read the comments (which I never do).

I found so much inspiration in the blog and the comments. The comments were overwhelming similar in that our homes are meant to be unique to us. One particular comment stuck out to me that I have been guilty of until my latter years. The woman was talking about how inviting French homes are because they are perfectly imperfect. They are simple and thoughtful in welcoming friends. She went on to say that sometimes trying to make things perfect keeps her from doing anything at all. Wow! Guilty as charged! How many times have I wanted to host an impromptu dinner party, but everything wasn’t perfect enough for me to invite them. When in all reality, I am probably the only one that would even notice or give a flip about. Her next sentence says just that, “Oh, the pleasures I have missed out on!”

The author attributes this to Americans living in “an instant society” because we tend to accumulate things just to decorate our homes rather than collecting them along the way as life offers us one memory after another. Collecting these things “takes time and patience.” I have said it time and time again, my most treasured things in my home were not mass-produced and probably don’t mean much to anyone else, but they are full of a lifetime of memories. Those things that once belonged to those that have passed on mean the most.

The best part about this “authentic French living” is that it’s not limited to the French. We can all embrace what is at its core—homes filled with meaningful items. I once went into a home that was filled with all kinds of horse racing memorabilia. Now, I do not know the first thing about horses, but, oh, how I enjoyed being there and being able to peer into this couple’s past for a bit. I didn’t know them all that well, but I felt welcomed and like I knew them a bit better personally from the items in their home.

As one of the commenters said, “Don’t get stuck in the sea of sameness.”

Saturday, 05 January 2019 09:30

Decorating Wisely: New Year

By Glenda Wise


Now that all the Christmas decorations are put away (ok, mine are still out, but, hey, we celebrate all the way to the twelfth night, January 6, The Epiphany). Anyway, back to my point, when I finally put away my Christmas decorations, it really gets me in the mood to do a good cleaning, reorganize and redecorate. You know, the whole fresh start in the New Year thing and fortunately goes with my new me of simplifying and no unnecessary purchases this year. The no new purchases thing makes it a little difficult to redecorate, but it doesn’t mean I can’t get creative and rearrange, repaint and re-whatever. Plus, I think it is kind of fun to see what I can make with what I already have.

Here are my favorite January refreshes:

1) Take a few minutes to determine what your true priorities are. Write them down. I write them in my agenda and then make mini goals each week to help me accomplish them. I guess you could say these are resolutions, but for some reason resolutions don’t always feel real or obtainable to me. I do much better with determining priorities.
2) I learned this from a Zig Ziglar podcast, to pick a theme word for the year. Last year my word was, “transformation” and this year my word is “simplify”. It’s pretty powerful to summarize your goals into a word that you can reflect on daily. You will be amazed at how many areas of your life the word applies to.
3) Reduce clutter to allow you to focus on your priorities.
4) Take care of yourself. It has taken me soooo many years to realize that I do need to do self-care. I’m not talking about going to the spa (which is a great self-care technique by the way), but rather doing things to care for your mental, physical and spiritual self. This can be anything from taking 10 minutes a day to journal, read, or sit down to watch your favorite television show. It’s up to you to decide what your best self-care method is.
5) Finish a project. Whatever your thing is, make it a priority to finish it. You will be surprised to find out how much confidence you will gain from finishing a project. I am guilty of starting a project, getting busy and justifying that I don’t have time to do it, but not only for the project’s sake, but for me I need to finish at least one of those this year. Mine is to finish the blanket I have been crocheting for Grayson. Keep in mind the project doesn’t have to be a craft. It can be a “you” project, like deciding you will run a 5K this year.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with faith, hope and family.

Friday, 28 December 2018 10:36

Living Wisely Column : Bread

By Grayson Wise


Hello friends! It is Grayson once again. I’m back from OU for the break.


My first semester of college was incredible! I have learned so much, made some great friends, spent way too much time at a particular coffee shop, and have been exposed to so many amazing opportunities. I love school, and I cannot wait to see what next semester has in store. Although, It is nice to be home, for many reasons like spending time with family, seeing old friends, and... cooking! I am so grateful to have a full kitchen for an entire month. I miss y kitchen every single day at school. It is the most tragic thing about living in the dorms! Needless to say, I have been cooking and baking absolutely everything I can think to create. More specifically, I have been baking a lot of bread.


I adore bread. I’ve never been a girl to get on the whole “no carbs” diet, and I don’t think I ever will! I enjoy it way too much to ever give it up, and I think bread is a small pleasure in life. It brings me happiness, so who am I to deny myself it? Anyways, I ventured out of my usual no-knead boules and simple Dutch oven loaves of bread. They are delicious and full of flavor, but I was looking for a little bit of a challenge: baguettes!


They took two days to make, and let me tell you, they were worth it! They had a delightfully crispy crust and a soft and flavorful interior. Oui! Oui! It was a complicated process that can only get easier with time, but I will definitely be baking them again.


Speaking of all this bread, I am selling bread and other baked goods to help raise money for my trip to Italy. Did I not mention it before? *gasps* Yes! I am going to Italy this summer to study abroad. To say I am thrilled is the understatement of the year.


I think about it every single day. I think about how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful opportunity, and I also think about all the delicious pasta, art, and architecture I’ll be experiencing! If you’re interested in helping me out or placing an order, you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just contact my mom! À La Grayson Bakery is ready for business! Oops, I have to go, my oven is beeping! I think my Roasted Garlic Artisan Bread is ready! Thanks for reading and helping my Italian dreams come true!



Grayson Wise

By Glenda Wise


I saw a funny meme the other day that said something to the effect that in November, I’m making everyone I love a meaningful gift, but by the time December rolled around there were only two people. I laughed, because I can relate! Boy, can I relate! At the beginning of fall, I’m always thinking that I will make all these fabulous meaningful gifts and suddenly December gets here before I know it and my options get very limited on exactly what I can whip out in a couple of days and then I have to start choosing those people that are going to get said meaningful gifts. As of the date I’m writing this we have roughly 15 days until Christmas, but by the time you are reading this there will be about 12 days.


I thought I would give you a list of quick and meaningful gifts that can be accomplished in a short amount of time just in case you are in the same situation as me. Now don’t start thinking that you are going to be able to take up crocheting in the next 12 days and whip out a blanket or two, because I’ve got a blanket in my bag I’ve been working on for Gracie’s dorm since know July, yeah that is bad.

Here are my favorite quick and meaningful gifts:
• A cookbook with your favorite recipes. You can purchase a blank cookbook and write your favorite recipes in it or you can make your own by typing of the recipes and placing in a three-ring binder.
• A tin full of cookies. Hey, at this point I just buy the premade tub cookie dough and call it good and good they are! The key is to make the packaging special along with a personalized note.
• Honestly, any kind of baked good works well. I love getting all kinds from neighbors and co-workers.
• Place hot cocoa and marshmallows in a festive mug for a thoughtful gift. Again, I love this type of gift, because I love coffee mugs. I like to switch them out every so often at work to mix it up a bit.
• If you’re not really into baking and making anything, all you need to do is purchase candies such as M&M’s in festive colors, mini Hershey’s bars, etcetera and package either in a clear bag tied with ribbon or put them in a cute Christmas container.

I really do love getting any kind of thoughtful and unexpected gift and it truly is the thought that counts.


I’m sure anything you do will be appreciated.

Friday, 07 December 2018 17:37

Decorating Wisely: HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS

By Glenda Wise 



We are in the homestretch for Gracie being home for the holidays. I am literally counting down the days and the hours before she gets home. Once she gets here, we have more things planned to do before Christmas than we can possibly get done, but I don’t care, because we’ll have fun trying.

Admittedly, I have been lacking on the Christmas decorations at my house. Given everything that has happened this year, I just haven’t been quite as gung-ho as I have been in the past. This is the longest we have ever gone without having a tree up, so the first thing on our to-do list is to go to the Pine Grove Christmas Tree Farm in Charleston and pick out our tree. I think once we do that, it will feel a lot more like Christmas. We have decided to go old school and string popcorn and cranberries for garland. This will actually be the first time I have ever done this. After Googling the best way to make said garland, it got me to thinking about how sad it is that I have to Google anything to make sure we have a Christmas filled with nostalgia this year. Here are some of the top ideas I found, just in case you guys need help like me:

• Write and mail a letter to Santa. It’s been a few years since we have written a letter to Santa, so I think it’s high time we write one.
• In addition to the homemade garland, make your own holiday ornaments.
• Go ice-skating. Just as I typed this, Matt Standridge from 5 News just did a piece about the outdoor ice-skating rink in Bentonville. Sounds like a great afternoon to me!
• Decorate a gingerbread house. If you aren’t as talented as Katie Shore at making your own gingerbread, you can purchase a gingerbread house kit for $5 - $10. I have tried to master the gingerbread making and it is complete fail every single time. I have accepted the fact that this is something I just can’t do. I will save myself the agony and buy the kit.
• Plan a day to make cookies and candy to give to neighbors and co-workers.
• Watch classic Christmas movies like Miracle on 34th Street or White Christmas while sipping on hot cocoa.
• Attend a local, live Christmas performance.
• Make someone else’s Christmas a little brighter by providing gifts for those less fortunate.

Enjoy this precious time with your family and friends. Here’s to a very wonderful and happy holiday season to you and your family.

Friday, 16 November 2018 09:25

Decorating Wisely: Take a Stand with Candles

By Glenda Wise


The other day when Donnie and I were leaving Mass, I mentioned to him that I would love to have some candleholders similar to the ones in the back of the church. They are a beautiful red glass topped with a pewter cross topper. They are so peaceful and beautiful stair stepped on their stand. Just one gives a cozy light, but several grouped together makes the room glow.

I am determined to come up with something similar for my home. I found the perfect spot at the end of the hall in front of a mirror on my grandma’s table. Now all I need is to find the candleholders and toppers. Based on what I’ve looked at online, my best bet is going to be finding red pillar candleholders. Since I don’t have a stair stepped stand like the church, I will have to improvise by using tall pillar candles for my focal point and then step down in height with others.

In order to create your very own magical and peaceful candle grouping her are a few tips:

• Select one color for candles or vases and stick with it. If I can’t find enough of the red to do what I want without spending a fortune, I’m going to use clear vases with a white or cream candle.
• Use multiples of several sizes for balance.
• Vary the diameter; mix short, fat candles with slender ones.
• If you want to use scented candles, try using only one or two amongst the grouping. A little goes a long way and you don’t want you guests to be overpowered by the smell.
• If you want to add a little something, snuggle a houseplant or two around the edges. Something trailing like ivy gives a nice easy, yet elegant look. The ivy trails are easy to work in and out of the candle arrangement. ALWAYS KEEP PLANTS AWAY FROM AN OPEN FLAME.
• To add a little sparkle tuck a few ornaments around the candles.

If you have a dark area in your home, a candle grouping such as this will add a dramatic display. This type of arrangement can give your home a big impact for little money. Candles have a way of welcoming us home especially in the winter.

Saturday, 03 November 2018 16:20

Decorating Wisely: Holiday Checklist

By Glenda Wise


“It’s the holiday season so whoop-de-do and hickory dock…” By the time you are reading this, Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away! That means that all holiday festivities and planning are in full force right…now! You all know that I am a big list-maker and calendar coordinator; I mean after all there are only so many weekends between now and then and a lot of things to squeeze in. Plus, the more you can do on the front end, the less overwhelmed you will feel, thus, the more you will truly enjoy the holiday season.

November 1 – 15

  • If you are hosting a holiday party, determine the date and send invites.
  • If taking pictures for a holiday card, do that now giving you enough time to decide on a photo you all agree upon and get your cards ordered. If you are doing traditional cards, go ahead and purchase those.
  • Stock up on wine, bottled water, and other drinks.
  • Buy non-perishable items along the way, so it’s not so expensive all at once.
  • Check table linens to make sure they are cleaned and pressed. If not, now is the time to do it.
  • Decorate for Thanksgiving.

November 16 – 21

  • Wash all items you will need for preparing and serving Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Begin prepping food items that can be prepared ahead of time.
  • Set the table, unless you have crazy cats like me and then you will need to wait until five minutes before the meal is served.

Thanksgiving Day

  • Set the table, unless you were able to do it before now.
  • Cook that bird and all the other delicious foods.
  • Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
  • Thanksgiving evening—watch Christmas Vacation.

November 23

  • Clear fall/Thanksgiving décor and plants.
  • Prepare garlands and wreaths. Jazz up ready-made wreaths with berries and branches.
  • Watch a Hallmark Christmas movie.

November 24 – 30

  • Use some of the pre-purchased wine from above and get those Christmas cards addressed and mailed.
  • Get your Christmas decorating on!
  • Watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

December 1 – 15

  • If using a live tree, purchase or cut down your tree and get it situated just right in your home. Be sure to keep it watered. Even if you are not using a live tree, you should plan a trip to the Christmas tree farm anyway. It will get you in the holiday spirit in a hurry.
  • Let the gift-wrapping begin!
  • Holiday baking and candy-making is full steam ahead.
  • Mail any packages that need to be mailed.
  • Prep for any parties you might be attending or hosting.
  • Watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

December 16 – 23

  • Finish up all the last minute items.
  • Prepare any dishes that can be made ahead of time.
  • Give co-workers, neighbors, etcetera gifts.
  • Watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

December 24

  • Final preparations for meals.
  • Enjoy this beautiful and holy night with family and friends.

December 25

  • Wake up early and have a Christmas breakfast in your PJs.
  • Do any final meal prepping/cooking.
  • Enjoy this day with your family and friends and worry about the mess tomorrow.
Saturday, 27 October 2018 01:51

Decorating Wisely: Last Minute Halloween

By Glenda Wise 


Halloween is upon us and suddenly you need a few last minute tricks and treats or some last minute Halloween decorations. Here are a few of my favorite Halloween last minute favorites:


  1. Scarecrow Crunch: I haven’t met a kid or adult that doesn’t like this stuff. The best part is it’s easy and festive. All you need is air-popped popcorn, pretzel sticks, plain M&M’s, candy corn and oatmeal squares cereal. Just toss it all together and you are finished! You can either leave in a big bowl with a scooper for a party or bag them individually.
  2. Halloween Brownies: Simply bake your favorite brownie mix and top with fun Halloween sprinkles. We always get compliments on our brownies. I’ll let you in on our secret…we use the Ghirardelli brownie mix and add Hershey’s chocolate syrup to the batter.
  3. Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups: Make one box of chocolate pudding mix according to the directions on the box. Crush Oreos until they are smooth. Now all you have to do is layer the pudding and Oreos in a clear plastic cup and finish by topping with gummy worms and pumpkin candies.


  1. Bats: Cut paper bats from black cardstock and attach a flock to a wall for a fun way to make your walls come alive
  2. Mason Jar Mummies: Wrap white gauze around a Mason jar and attach googly eyes. Add a flameless candle to illuminate.
  3. Balloon and Paper Spider: Attach a black balloon to your ceiling or wall and add eight crepe paper legs.
  4. Balloons: If you want to dress up your house a bit for a last minute party, all you need are black and orange balloons and black and orange crepe paper streamers. Hand the crepe paper streamers from the ceiling and attach a balloon at the bottom. The best part about this balloon decoration is that you don’t need helium, just good old-fashioned lungs.

Get creative with treats and decorations. Halloween is a great holiday to experiment with new ideas, because it’s OK if it doesn’t turn out perfectly. Have fun with it and let your imagination go wild! Happy Halloween!

Friday, 19 October 2018 21:53

Decorating Wisely:Thanksgiving and Details

By Glenda Wise


Last weekend our friends hosted a fun Oktoberfest party. It was so fun! They really went all out from the decorations to the music to the fantastic homemade pretzels.


Everyone dressed in costume. It was a perfect night! Not that we would not have enjoyed the party or the company, but the host and hostess paying attention to every detail really made it special. The holidays are here. What better time to add a few details to make your gatherings just a little more special.

I’m not going to lie. This Thanksgiving is going to be rough, because Thanksgiving was always my mom’s holiday. She always wanted to host at the farm. My dad still wants to have it at the farm, so that is what we are going to do, but admittedly, I haven’t really been into planning anything for it. In the past we have made special wine bottle labels, made our own Geotag and lots of fun little things like that.


This year may not be much about the extra, extra details, but more about just getting through it and that’s ok. Just staying together as a family is sometimes enough detail.

If you are looking for a way to add, a few special details to your Thanksgiving table here are a couple of my favorites:

There is something about the simplicity of white and gold that I absolutely love. I especially love it at Thanksgiving, because it is a little unexpected.


A white and gold table set-up is always classic and timeless.


This look can be achieved for very little extra expense and your guests will appreciate the special effort.


Create your blank canvas by covering the tables with a white tablecloth. Add a few simple white pumpkins, white candles and tuck a white rose here and there for an extra-special touch. Often times, adding fresh flowers can be a bit daunting because 1) they can be expensive and 2) people think they need to create some big masterpiece.


Both of those fears are simply not true. One bundle of roses can go a long way. To keep them from looking sparse, cut the rose short and place in a small vase or votive candleholder and tuck them in here and there as one of your last steps. Add a few touches of gold with gold rimmed-glasses, gold charger plates or gold pumpkins to pull the whole look together. If Your guests will appreciate the extra effort.

If you prefer the traditional warm, fall colors, consider investing in brown napkins and add a simple thankful tag to create a personal touch for your guests. Using a sprig of berries as a napkin ring is another easy way to add a special detail to your Thanksgiving table.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the details to make them special. You also, don’t have to do a lot of extra work, just a few small things will go a long way.

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