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Decorating Wisely: A mercantile Featured

Written by  Friday, 04 August 2017 23:34
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Is it possible that a store ( store to be exact) make you want to do a better job at life? I think so, because it happened to me! I’m pretty sure we were the last people in Poteau ta mercantileo go to Pawhuska to visit The Mercantile by the Pioneer Woman. It was such a treat and well worth the three hour drive.

I have long been a fan and admirer of Ree Drummond. We’ve cooked tons of her recipes, followed her blog and watched her on TV for years now. I’ve always loved how she has stayed true to her family and roots as she became more and more successful. The Mercantile did not disappoint. There were little touches of Ree throughout. From the butterflies on the curtains to the whimsical coffee mugs to the ranch-inspired décor it all screamed, “The Pioneer Woman”. As I’m typing this, I’m sipping coffee from my Mercantile coffee mug. I swear my coffee tastes better!

“How can a store make you want to be a better person?” you may be asking yourself. For me there was no one thing, it was a combination of all the little things. No detail was not thought of. It reminded me of a book I read this summer, The Little Things: Why You Really Should Sweat the Small Stuff, by Andy Andrews. I highly, highly recommend this book by the way. It’s about how the little things really do make a difference every day. One example he uses is Michael Phelps.

...the difference between first place and tenth place is less than a second...American swimmer Michael Phelps once won a gold medal by a hundredth of a second. Think about it. A hundredth of a second is smaller than the amount of time it takes lightning to strike...

Here is the truth that average achievers never bother to consider: the advantage in any arena of life is earned far in advance of the moment one is required to perform.

Michael Phelps and Ree Drummond although wildly different in their accomplishments are similar in many ways. They both do what they do extremely well, they both work hard for their successes, they persevered to achieve their dreams and I believe they left room for God to work his magic. For the Pioneer Woman I believe she had a vision and didn’t stray from it. As I mentioned every last detail had her special touch.


The water dispensers and beautifully wrapped faux silverware in the bakery, the beautiful shopping bags, heck even the to-go containers. Although it was busy, busy I never felt like a number. I felt like I was being welcomed into someone’s home. The food was phenomenal. Although we were in the middle of restaurant, we felt as if we were enjoying a big family dinner with more food than we could ever eat. In fact, I’ve just awoken from my food coma!

To answer the question, “How is this driving me to be a better person?” It makes me want to pay even closer attention to the details in everything I do. I want to make everyone feel special when they come to my home. None of this takes any extra money. It just takes one extra thought or one extra minute of preparation.


That one extra can make someone feel a million times more special and appreciated.

Speaking of making someone feel more special, my girls and I are working on a special project with the Women’s Crisis Services called, “Pass It On”. It is a store offering items at no charge to individuals and families in need. The hope is to inspire our community to generosity and giving to people to provide help, hope and understanding to those struggling with limited financial resources. Please watch for more details in the coming weeks. This has been on my heart for a long time now and I feel it’s time to move forward with it.

Speaking of the Women’s Crisis Services, our annual Brave the Mud Run is fast approaching, so get signed up today!



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