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Decorating Wisely: Empty Nest Featured

Written by  Friday, 28 June 2019 22:59
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By Glenda Wise



Thus far, this summer has been nothing short of busy! Gracie has been in Italy studying abroad and will be arriving in Paris soon. We are moving Ashton into her new home this weekend. I guess we really are empty nesting. It honestly feels a bit weird and I feel a little out of sorts. Life goes on, right? So, I’m doing what anyone does that suddenly finds themselves in a home suited for a family...I have the urge to change things up a bit. How?


For starters, a couple that suddenly finds that their home is no longer the hub of all the kid gatherings and sleepovers, can convert at least one of those bedrooms into something else and less geared towards a child’s habitat.


Here are a few ideas to convert that extra bedroom:

1. The obvious choice is to create a guest room that is welcoming to guests and grown children coming home for a visit.

2. Create a much-needed home office. These days you don’t have to have a work from home job to need a home office. It is a great place to keep your bills organized as well as printers and all things technology.

3. Go ahead and give yourself permission to have that craft/DIY room you have always wanted. There are many great organization products on the market to keep everything handy and ready for that next project.

4. Maintain your active lifestyle by creating a home gym. Donnie and I go to the gym every morning, but sometimes it sure would be nice to be able to sleep an extra 30 minutes and workout from home.

5. Use the extra bedroom to make a nursery or playroom for your beautiful grandchildren. Create their very own special place at their favorite grandparents’ house.

Big life changes are hard, but we have no choice to accept them and keep moving forward looking towards new, unknown memories.

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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