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Decorating Wisely: Friendsgiving Featured

Written by  Saturday, 11 November 2017 23:47
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By Glenda Wise


Our little Friendsgiving get together is fast approaching. We’ve got the menu all planned, timing of cooking scheduled, and so on, but what about the tables and overall tone? As much as I would love to have big beautiful centerpieces dripping with Bittersweet, that’s just not going to happen for a couple of reasons: time and money. Hmm…those two things tend to dominate a great majority of many of our decisions, don’t they? I mean just because I’m lacking those two very important factors doesn’t mean I can’t have what I want and you can too!


First of all, we have to get it out of our heads that time and money are the two most important aspects of any gathering. Yes, they help…a lot, but there are creative ways around that. The most important elements of any gathering are making guests feel at home and setting a gracious tone. Here are my favorite ways to set a thankful and gracious table:


Host Chairs: Yes or No? I say, no. I don’t like making my guests feel different from me, plus that’s just not my style. I prefer to sit back and make my guests the star for the day.


Matching China and Stemware or Not? Personally, I don’t have enough of anything to match. As much as the beautiful Pottery Barn holiday tablescape gets me every time I visit their store, I don’t have it in the budget to spend a couple thousand dollars on tableware. I choose to mix and match what I have. I try to use items that are in the same general color family, but if I don’t have enough I keep a few clear plates on hand. They are available at Wal-Mart for a few dollars each. They are perfect, because, well, clear goes with anything.


Every Gracious Table Should Have: A warm and inviting tone that serves as a gathering place for family and friends.


Traditional or Not? Anyone that knows me knows that I love tradition. I believe there’s something special about keeping up with old traditions, but I do like to buck the system occasionally. This is usually accomplished by adding a splash of the unexpected. For example, I like to add a touch of pink and purple to my Thanksgiving table. When done in small doses these colors actually complement the traditional red and orange color scheme quite nicely.


My last words of advice: Embrace what you have and make it work. There’s a certain joy and satisfaction one gets that simply can’t be bought.

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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