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Decorating Wisely - Honoring a old friend Featured

Written by  Glenda Wise Friday, 16 December 2016 23:05
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This week has been filled with every emotion possible….exhaustion, proud mom moments and heavy-heartedness.


You see an old high school friend that I had reconnected with a few years ago due to his cancer passed away.


I know he was ready to go because him lying in that hospital bed was certainly not Dr. Darrell Henry and all his humorous wisdom and life advice. His advice was simple: Do what you love, try to accomplish the things that seem impossible, don’t take yourself too seriously, enjoy every moment you are given and inspire everyone you encounter.


He wasn’t a fussy person or one that required a lot of “things” he just did life and he did it well. He fought a long hard battle with colon cancer and up until the last few months was still running 10+ milers.


He is probably laughing right about now because technically he did beat the cancer, he succumbed to a previous childhood heath issue. He did, however, acquire a mountain of medical expenses from his cancer treatments and surgeries; therefore, he did not have any type of burial insurance or life insurance.


Honestly, some big, sappy funeral was not Darrell’s style anyway. He requested to be cremated and his ashes carried across the finish line in a trail race in Nevada and then spread on that glorious mountain. The race organizers have already officially registered him with bib #1. His family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with these expenses.


I was reading the comments on some of the donations the other night, a guy from Mulberry, Arkansas literally touched and inspired people from all of the world via social media.


His daily posts about life with the oh so witty Dr. Darrell spin on them inspired and helped so many carrying their own burdens. It is simply amazing that such an otherwise terrible situation made such a positive impact on so many. This my friends is how we need to do life.


darrell pic 002

Dr. Darrell Henry


                I thought this week’s column would be fitting to focus on gifts of gratitude in honor of Darrell. I found this blog called, “Creations by Kara”, www.creationsbykara.com, that focused on 25 days of service in December.


She offers some great advice about showing people that serve us every day that we tend to take for granted. For example, the trash people, the mail carrier, you get the idea. Her ideas are simple and don’t require any baking and very little time, but what a huge gesture and acknowledgement of appreciation.


For the mail carrier she left a package of Oreos with a card.


Her site even has free printable cards for the gifts. The mail carrier card is really cute and reads:

Through rain and sun and sleet and hail. You never fail to deliver our mail. It might get tedious, the job that you do. But we want you to know we appreciate YOU! Merry Christmas!


I really love the idea of taking the time out of our busy schedules to truly thank people that help make our lives easier and often go without any communication from us unless it’s to complain. People, in honor of the late Darrell Henry, let’s do less complaining and more living! So long, Dr. Darrell, you will be missed by many, but your legacy will live on.


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