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Decorating Wisely: It's Football Yall! Featured

Written by  Friday, 25 August 2017 23:08
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Next weekend kicks off tailgating season! I’m beyond excited. I love the energy and excitement of being on campus especially for the first game and I equally love tailgating and all the fun preparation. Ashton and I are exactly alike when it comes to tailgating and events in general, we love to be just a little extra. Admittedly, we’re not so much extra that we hand paint almonds to look like footballs with icing. Although, I love and secretly envy the person that has time to do that!

Alrighty, let’s get to it. Here is our basic tailgating checklist. Once this is established and put in the tailgate wagon, it’s really just a matter of changing food themes for each game. We let the time of the game dictate the type of food. For example, the OU-Texas game was early last year, so we had various types of bagels, chocolate-covered strawberries, quiche, bacon, and, of course, mimosas (in my opinion, the only thing good about an early game).


Here we go!
 Portable grill
 Grill utensils
 Coolers x 2 (one for perishable items and the other for drinks)
 Bottled water
 Crackers, chips (things that store well without refrigeration and have a long expiration date)
 Bottle openers
 Paper towels
 Disinfecting wipes
 Hand sanitizer
 Football/game-themed napkins
 Disposable plates, cups, utensils
 Pop-up tent
 Chairs and folding tables
 Trash bags

 Plastic tablecloths and cloth tablecloths (you know me, I tend to stick with white and use other things to accent) and table clips to hold down the tablecloth

 Plastic trays for serving (Dollar Tree is the best place to get this stuff and if’s only $1, so if it breaks or gets mistakenly thrown away you’re not out a lot of money)

Team and football themed decorations, such as pennants, banners, etc.

Now that you have the basics ready to go for each game, you can easily change up your themes and add those “extra” elements like an AstroTurf tablerunner or a fun theme such as something with a Mexican flair and serve walking tacos. The possibilities are endless and the best part is you can do this whether you’re actually going to the game or not.


You can have a fun tailgate party in your own backyard and invite friends over to watch the game. It’s fun, it’s relaxing (well, unless your team is losing) and a great way to kick-off the fall fun!

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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