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Decorating Wisely: Making something old - New again Featured

Written by  Saturday, 19 January 2019 17:57
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By Glenda Wise


As I mentioned last week, every year about this time after the Christmas decorations have been put away, I get the insatiable need to clean and change some things up around the house. Well, this year was no different, I wanted to move some things around and add some new, updated items. As you know, I gave up buying anything unnecessary for a year and I am on month two. I’ll update you more about that next week, but this week I wanted to tell you about my fabulous new painting Gracie did for me while she was here on break. I say new, but it is actually old. It just had a makeover.

Repurposing has been popular for a while now and I am pretty good at repurposing things, but never to the degree of this.


You see, I have had this picture in my closet for a year or two and I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. There were a couple of reasons for that 1) I’ve always loved it and 2) the frame itself is worth hanging onto. Gracie and I were moving things around one day and I really wanted something new for the wall behind my breakfast table, it is a large blank wall so it needed something big that wouldn’t get lost. We moved this and that around, but nothing quite suited us.


I remembered the picture in the closet, but when we put it up it was just too busy for what I wanted in that space and, to be honest, it looked a little outdated. Gracie being the creative thing she is, suggested that we paint the picture and give it a fresh, more updated look. I said, “Why not? It has been in the closet for over a year. Go for it!” I dug out all the old paint we had from prior projects (because, you know, new paint is an unnecessary expense) and she created the new picture you see on the right. I love it! It is just what that space needed. To update the frame, we just brushed on a bit of gold paint to give it a fresh look.

If you are finding yourself ready for something new, but don’t want to purchase anything, don’t be afraid to paint and update things you have. You never know what kind of masterpiece you might end up with!





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