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Decorating Wisely: QUICK AND MEANINGFUL GIFTS Featured

Written by  Friday, 14 December 2018 19:00
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By Glenda Wise


I saw a funny meme the other day that said something to the effect that in November, I’m making everyone I love a meaningful gift, but by the time December rolled around there were only two people. I laughed, because I can relate! Boy, can I relate! At the beginning of fall, I’m always thinking that I will make all these fabulous meaningful gifts and suddenly December gets here before I know it and my options get very limited on exactly what I can whip out in a couple of days and then I have to start choosing those people that are going to get said meaningful gifts. As of the date I’m writing this we have roughly 15 days until Christmas, but by the time you are reading this there will be about 12 days.


I thought I would give you a list of quick and meaningful gifts that can be accomplished in a short amount of time just in case you are in the same situation as me. Now don’t start thinking that you are going to be able to take up crocheting in the next 12 days and whip out a blanket or two, because I’ve got a blanket in my bag I’ve been working on for Gracie’s dorm since know July, yeah that is bad.

Here are my favorite quick and meaningful gifts:
• A cookbook with your favorite recipes. You can purchase a blank cookbook and write your favorite recipes in it or you can make your own by typing of the recipes and placing in a three-ring binder.
• A tin full of cookies. Hey, at this point I just buy the premade tub cookie dough and call it good and good they are! The key is to make the packaging special along with a personalized note.
• Honestly, any kind of baked good works well. I love getting all kinds from neighbors and co-workers.
• Place hot cocoa and marshmallows in a festive mug for a thoughtful gift. Again, I love this type of gift, because I love coffee mugs. I like to switch them out every so often at work to mix it up a bit.
• If you’re not really into baking and making anything, all you need to do is purchase candies such as M&M’s in festive colors, mini Hershey’s bars, etcetera and package either in a clear bag tied with ribbon or put them in a cute Christmas container.

I really do love getting any kind of thoughtful and unexpected gift and it truly is the thought that counts.


I’m sure anything you do will be appreciated.

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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