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Decorating Wisely: Take a Stand with Candles Featured

Written by  Friday, 16 November 2018 09:25
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By Glenda Wise


The other day when Donnie and I were leaving Mass, I mentioned to him that I would love to have some candleholders similar to the ones in the back of the church. They are a beautiful red glass topped with a pewter cross topper. They are so peaceful and beautiful stair stepped on their stand. Just one gives a cozy light, but several grouped together makes the room glow.

I am determined to come up with something similar for my home. I found the perfect spot at the end of the hall in front of a mirror on my grandma’s table. Now all I need is to find the candleholders and toppers. Based on what I’ve looked at online, my best bet is going to be finding red pillar candleholders. Since I don’t have a stair stepped stand like the church, I will have to improvise by using tall pillar candles for my focal point and then step down in height with others.

In order to create your very own magical and peaceful candle grouping her are a few tips:

• Select one color for candles or vases and stick with it. If I can’t find enough of the red to do what I want without spending a fortune, I’m going to use clear vases with a white or cream candle.
• Use multiples of several sizes for balance.
• Vary the diameter; mix short, fat candles with slender ones.
• If you want to use scented candles, try using only one or two amongst the grouping. A little goes a long way and you don’t want you guests to be overpowered by the smell.
• If you want to add a little something, snuggle a houseplant or two around the edges. Something trailing like ivy gives a nice easy, yet elegant look. The ivy trails are easy to work in and out of the candle arrangement. ALWAYS KEEP PLANTS AWAY FROM AN OPEN FLAME.
• To add a little sparkle tuck a few ornaments around the candles.

If you have a dark area in your home, a candle grouping such as this will add a dramatic display. This type of arrangement can give your home a big impact for little money. Candles have a way of welcoming us home especially in the winter.

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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