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Living Wisely: Buongiorno! Featured

Written by  Friday, 07 June 2019 22:59
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It is me, Grayson. Usually, I am saying something in French, but I leave for Italy in less than a week! I am so fortunate and ecstatic to be able to study abroad there this summer. I’ll be there for around two and a half weeks so packing smart and light is a must!


Fun fact about me: I love packing. Perhaps its because it builds to the excitement of traveling somewhere or maybe its because I love creating outfits and seeing how organized my suitcase can be. Now... I am not the most organized person by any means, so honestly, my suitcase is the most organized thing in my life. So, I have some tips on how to be a better packer!


This first tip will sound so obvious, but you would be surprised that a lot of people don’t do this! Do not -- and I repeat -- do not bring so many dang shoes. I guarantee you those six-inch heels you bought three years and only worn once will not be beneficial to walking the streets of wherever you are going. I’m bringing two pairs of shoes to Italy: Tevas and a pair of nicer (but still extremely comfortable) pair of closed toe sandals. Go for comfortable and space-saving shoes!


Also, don’t pack your suitcase to the brim! Most likely you’ll buy something on your trip and you are totally going to need to pack it somewhere. To avoid those pesky baggage weight fees and having to get another bag, just pack less. That being said, if you are gone for fourteen days, you do not need fourteen outfits. Wear things twice, you’ll thank me later.


With less stuff to worry about, you will probably end up enjoying your trip better. Keep it simple, and just enjoy some life. I’ll keep you all updated after my trip to Italy.




Grayson Wise

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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