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  • “An Evening at the Gallery”…

    The Poteau Rotary Club’s “An Evening at the Gallery” Wine & Arts Festival, to be held Saturday, April 8th from…
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    Poteau, OK - Come learn an easy 10 Step promotion plan to guide your retail business.

    The seminar will be held on…
  • Sara Powell

    Powell new Administrative…

    The Poteau Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce Sara Powell as their new Administrative assistant and event…
  •  Pictured are Nancy Billings and Sara Powell of Poteau Chamber, Jaimie Jewell and Amanda Pruett from Millennium Health Care, Devyn Moody, Leadership LeFlore County and Karen Wages, CEO, Poteau Chamber.

    The Poteau Chamber of…

    Poteau, OK - The Poteau Chamber of Commerce welcomed their newest member with a ribbon cutting.

    Millennium Health Care…
  • February Gross Receipts to…

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Gross Receipts to the Treasury in February were slightly higher than those in the same month of last…
  • Events at Strike A Lot Lanes

    Here are some fun things to do at Strike A Lot Lanes

    Wacky Wednesdays:$1.00 Bowl Games (Shoe Rental $2.50) & ½ Priced…
  • Axis Christian Church joins…

    Poteau, OK - The Poteau Chamber of Commerce welcomes its newest member Axis Christian Church with a Ribbon Cutting.
  • KTC Upcoming Classes

    Kiamichi Technology Center in Poteau is offering some exciting short term classes starting in March.

  • Celebrate your Birthday at…

    Looking for a place to have your next Birthday Party? Look no further than Strike A Lot Lanes in Poteau.

    Strike A Lot…
  • Meet Christopher Mabala…

    Christopher Mabala Owner/Operator-Aapest Pest Control: Originally from Georgia, I moved to Leflore County in…
  • Poteau Chamber announces Stockton as New Administrative Assistant

    Poteau Chamber announces…

    Poteau, OK – The Poteau Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce Martha Stockton as the new administrative…
  • Registration begins for…

    The 2017 Session marks the 11th year with over 140 alumni that hold successful leadership positions on the state and…
  • Cornelison to speak at Poteau…

    Poteau, OK - The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Poteau Chamber of Commerce will be held on Tuesday January 24, 2017…
  • Gross Receipts to the…

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Gross Receipts to the Treasury during the 2016 calendar year are less than receipts from 2015,…
  • Benefits of telecommuting

    An increasing number of employers are allowing staff the flexibility to work from home.

    According to a recent Gallup®…
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Food prep tips for breast cancer patients Featured

Last modified on Sunday, 12 March 2017 06:13
Written by  Sunday, 12 March 2017 23:53
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Breast cancer treatment can be exhausting, resulting in fatigue that can make it hard for patients to tackle all of the tasks that come with a typical day. That includes preparing meals, which is often the last thing a person fighting breast cancer wants to do after a day of treatment.

But nutrition plays a vital role in beating cancer. A nutritious diet can promote strength and increase energy levels, something breast cancer patients know is not always easy to come by. The following are a few tips to help men and women undergoing breast cancer treatment maintain a nutritious diet throughout their treatments.

* Plan ahead when you're feeling strong. Breast cancer patients often have good days and not-so-good days during the course of their treatments. When the latter comes around, everyday tasks like cooking meals can seem as exhausting as climbing Mount Everest. So breast cancer patients can plan ahead for such days by going the extra mile on those days when their energy levels aren't compromised. Prepare meals in advance and freeze them so they require minimal effort on those days when energy levels are low.

* Avoid empty calories. Empty calories like those found in a bag of potato chips won't help fight fatigue on those days when your energy levels are low. When eating, opt for foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients but not heavy in calories. A meal that is dense in nutrients but not calories will benefit your energy levels, while a calorie-dense meal will only foster feelings of fatigue.

* Opt for snacks that are high in protein. When snacking during the day, it's possible to counter any exhausting effects of breast cancer treatment by choosing high-protein snacks. Foods that are high in protein, including low-fat cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and almonds, can improve your energy levels because the body does not break protein down as easily as it does carbohydrates. So protein can be a longer-lasting energy source than snacking alternatives that are low in protein. If you aren't much of a snacker, consider a protein shake.

* Buy in bulk. When visiting the grocery store, buy items in bulk so you won't have to make as many trips there. This can help on those days when energy levels are waning. Further save energy by asking a store employee to carry your groceries to your car. On those days when the cupboard is bare and you don't feel up to a trip to the store, call your local grocer, explain your situation and ask if it's possible to have groceries delivered. Many grocers would be glad to help.

* Modify recipes. In addition to boosting your energy levels, protein helps heal and rebuild tissues, and you can modify recipes to include more protein and improve your energy levels. For example, add cheese to sandwiches, pasta dishes and casseroles, as dairy is a strong source of protein. When cooking, use milk instead of water when possible. Beans are another great source of protein, so add them to chili, pasta sauces or soups when cooking. There are many ways to modify recipes to include more protein that won't compromise taste. If you're unsure of how to do so, discuss this with a physician or dietician.

Fatigue is a common side effect of cancer treatment, but there are many ways men and women undergoing breast cancer treatment can alter their diets to make their meals more nutritious, improving their energy levels as a result.

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