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Written by  Kodey Toney Monday, 06 February 2017 11:46
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Pervasive Parenting


Kruz came running into the room the other night and like any typical little brother was telling on Konner. He said that Konner called him stupid. While slightly annoying, I always think in the back of my mind, "At least this is typical sibling interaction.

So I decided to have a little talk with Konner. After asking Konner about the golden rule he asked, "Is there a bronze and "Don't treat others the way you don't want to be treated," or something like that, the bronze rule is a good one as well. It states, "If they are not bothering you, don't bother them. In other words, mind your business." That is good advice.

The golden rule is one of the greatest rules ever. In fact it should be the only rule we would ever need. However most people don't abide by it, so we have so much corruption and evil in the world. But, I digress.

This is a rule I use when training others on disability acceptance and People First Language. The golden rule is my main idea behind the training. Why shouldn't we treat everyone, but especially those with disabilities, like we would be treated if we were in their shoes?

As I once heard, and I make sure to include in my training, "a person with a disability" is the one minority's that any one of us can become in a split second. We can walk out the door, get into an accident, and be disabled for life. In fact we don't even have to leave the house.

That is not me trying to scare anyone, but help you understand that it could be you, and if it were how would you want people to talk about you, treat you, or see you?

We have to make sure that we are treating others with disabilities as if they were "normal". Yes, I hate that word, and that is harsh, but honestly they are just people with different abilities, as Patrick Schwarz says. People are people.


The only thing that makes someone with a disability is the way we choose to view them; the stigma that we attach to them, or the limits that we choose for them. Hopefully they will not listen to society and out-do any limits that have been placed upon them. I also hope that enough people in society will support them to overcome their challenges.

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