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3 Girls Animal Rescue Presents Proposal for Poteau City council Featured

Written by  Wednesday, 09 January 2019 08:25
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3 Girls Animal Rescue Presents Proposal for Poteau City council Photo from 3 Girl Animal Rescue Facebook page

3 Girls Animal Rescue Presents Proposal for Poteau City council January 7, 2019


At the Jan, 7 Poteau City Council meeting the 3 Girls Animal Rescue presented a proposal on animal rescue to the city council.

Angela Meeks addressed the board and presented each board member with a letter about the proposal- which reads as follows


3 Girls Animal Rescue is asking for help with the cost of saving the animals out of the Poteau City Pound. The stats since 2017 of 212 Dogs and 20 cats have been pulled and either adopted out or where transported to another No Kill Shelter or to another Foster based rescue where the animals get adopted out. Stats for 2018 were 229 dogs and 8 cats.


Owner surrender animals which we have taken from Poteau and surrounding areas to keep the animals from being taken to the Poteau City Pound in 2017, 291 and in 2018 OS was 228 just dogs.


With the city ordinances it is to our understanding that the animals are to be kept on a stray hold for 5 days for a chance that the owners will come for them. It is also to our understanding that the City of Poteau is to run an Ad in the paper of these said dogs for owners to come claim.


We haven’t seen this in the local paper and don’t wish to step on any toes but to only help the city with the procedures that we have done in the past since 2014 which is for an officer to meet one of our volunteers at the local pound and we post the pics on Social Media for hoped that the owner will see and attempt to reclaim their animal. If after the 5-day stray hold is up, we(3GAR) will pull the dog with consent from the City ACO and get signed release form stating the release to our rescue.


We then take the dog to the vet for the Following test and Shots. Rabies, Heartworm, Parvo distemper, Bordetella, Broad spectrum worming and then a 30-day supply of flea and tick prevention and HW prevention. The animal is then either adopted locally and the animal will be altered. We DO not adopt out any unaltered animals. If the animal is to young for sterilization a “sterilization contract” is signed and a date of no more than 60 days after the adoption the animal is sterilized. If an animal isn’t adopted, we work with other No Kill facilities and we arrange and take the dogs to them which is usually a 11 hr 1-way trip.


With these actions of transport, a Health Certificate from a licensed vet and of course vetting done of state issued rabies is also a requirement to transport an animal out of state.


These cost to us for each dog is $67.00 before food, housing and that the animal not have any skin issues that require extra vetting or meds for any sick symptoms and this Does Not include the cost of sterilization which runs $50.00 to $100.00 depending on weight of the animal.


Most of the rescues we send to, 3GAR gets “little” to “no” reimbursement for the vetting done.


We (3GAR) is asking for the City of Poteau to help with the cost of saving the animals and finding them homes which will save the City of Poteau a lot of Bills for Euthanasia and Animal Disposal.


Disposal of a dog 50-70 lb is $55.00 Euthanasia $65.00


Disposable of cat is $30.00 Euthanasia $40.00


These fees were gathered from Dr Randolph Stokes on 7/6/2018


The Stats we believe to be very accurate and we have signed copies of the Release forms from the Poteau ACO for 2018 starting in March.


We are requesting that the City of Poteau consider the reasonable amount to help with the animals to be $37,000.00 yearly and implement this as soon as January 31, 2019.


All funds will go to help with the Vet care, feeding, boarding, transporting and sterilization of the animals and any other medical needs the animals may need to prepare them for their forever homes.


3 GAR DOES not and has NOT had any paid employees we are all Volunteers and all the funding we have is been raised by fundraisers, Grants or Private Donations.


Thank you

Angela Meek

Mitzi Burkhart

And All our Wonderful Volunteers

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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