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Local Teen's Harrowing Story Featured

Written by  Tuesday, 05 June 2018 13:55
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LeFlore County resident Ciera Diggs has returned home from Colorado after allegedly being kidnapped. She sent OKWNEWS her story and the link to The Pueblo Chieftain’s article about the arrest of her alleged kidnapping and a photo of the Pueblo County Sheriff’s arrest record showing the charges her alleged kid-napper faces. Click HERE for the Chieftain article. Below is Digg’s story in her own words. She has chosen to write it in third person.


19-year-old Poteau resident Brittany Clark is facing Domestic Violence, 2nd Degree Kidnapping, 2nd Degree Assault, Vehicular Eluding, and Menacing with A Deadly Weapon in Pueblo County Jail in Colorado after kidnapping 19 year old Poteau resident Ciera Diggs on May 21st, the night before the two were supposed to go to court over a Protective Order Diggs filed against Clark. 


On Sunday, May 6th, Clark attacked Diggs in her college dorm at Carl Albert State College. Clark beat, choked, and sliced Diggs. Clark also made threats to kill Diggs and the people Diggs cared about. Diggs later called the police and fled to Indiana to be with her family. While Diggs was away, Clark began posting inappropriate photos of Diggs on Facebook. Diggs traveled back to inform police and place a protective order against Clark. After placing the order, Diggs left to stay with family until the following Monday when the order was supposed to be served to Clark. While Diggs was away, Clark posted more inappropriate photos of Diggs on Instagram and Snapchat. The photos were reported and taken down.


The following weekend Diggs was supposed to meet with an old co-worker, Justine Frazier. Fraizer messaged Diggs asking her to meet at the tracks near Walmart; however, upon arrival, Diggs noticed Fraizer wasn't there. Instead, Clark showed up. Clark advanced and started talking to Diggs. Diggs wanted to leave, but Clark was standing in between Diggs and her vehicle. Clark entered the vehicle and had Diggs drive them to Ft. Smith Arkansas. Diggs later texted a friend and told him what was going on. He then messaged back, asking Diggs where she was. Clark had Diggs drive back to Poteau, OK so she could go to her Nana's which is behind the Choctaw Plaza. Diggs told him, and the friend notified Poteau PD. The officers arrived on scene but did not arrest Clark. Clark hadn't been served the protective order, so she walked away.


Later that day, Clark had Diggs meet with her, so she could say goodbye. Diggs agreed, and Clark had Diggs drive them to the top of Cavanal Hill, where Clark had previously wrecked her mom's car. Clark blamed Diggs for the incident, saying it was because Diggs left her. After going back to the car, Clark pulled out a weapon on Diggs. Clark claimed the car was rigged with a bomb, said she'd kill Diggs, and then go after Diggs's family if Diggs didn't do what Clark said. Diggs went along with Clark and did what she asked. From May 21st to May 29th, Clark had Diggs drive them through Arkansas, back to Oklahoma, through the panhandle of Oklahoma, and to Pueblo, Colorado. On the 29th, Clark took the keys of the vehicle and drove Diggs to a secluded area where she proceeded to burn and slice Diggs's left leg. Clark was planning on killing Diggs and made many threats; however, a Pueblo cop passed by. Clark then had Diggs drive them to the Southside Walmart. Diggs told Clark she had to use the restroom. After entering the Walmart, Diggs told an employee what happened and used the employee's phone to call 911. Clark found out, took Diggs's car, and tried to run. Police caught up with Clark and proceeded to chase Clark. Clark ended up hitting a curb and crashing the vehicle. Clark was transported to a hospital, treated, and then taken to Pueblo County Jail. 


Diggs stayed in Pueblo until June 3rd, when Jordan Carver and Sarah Bennett arrived to take her home. Diggs is now safe and awaits the trial regarding the incident.

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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