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Tuesday August 20, 2019

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PKMS Students of the Month of APRIL Featured

Last modified on Sunday, 12 May 2019 02:31
Written by  Saturday, 11 May 2019 06:19
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POTEAU, Oklahoma - Pansy Kidd Middle School in Poteau is pleased to announce their students of the month for April 2019.





Sixth Grade:

 Shayla Johnson

Santana Robles


Seventh Grade:

 Britleigh Wood

Benjamin Smith


Eighth Grade:

 Damaris Martinez

Jace Stacy





6th Grade Shayla Johnson

Parents: Roy Johnson and Carol Johnson

Electives: Tech Ed, Art and Explore

I like school because: Its fun things are her today, have fun times and I love math and reading and science.


Santana Robles 6th grade 002

6th Grade Santana Robles

Parents: Victor Robles and Mariann Enriquez

Electives: Band and Athletics

I like school because: I get to learn and that I get some new experiences and new life skills.


Britleigh Wood 7th grade 002

Seventh Grade Britleigh Wood

Parents: Melody and Johnny Wood

Electives: FACS and current events

I like school because: I get to see my friends and my favorite teachers


Benjamin Smith 7th grade 002

Seventh Grade Benjamin Smith

Parents: P.E., Art, 7th grade current events

I like school because: of Math


Damaris Martinez 8th grade 002

Eight Grade Damaris Martinez

Parents: Jose Martinez

Electives: Athletics – FACS

I like school because: I get to go to my classes, and I get to paly basketball with my friends


 Jace Stacy 8th grade 002

Eighth Grade Jace Stacy

Parents: Jeremy and Tambra

Electives: Band, Athletics and Tech Ed

I like school because: I get to see my friends and I get to learn about stuff

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