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The Fort Smith Fire Department is proud to announce it has obtained an ISO Class 1 rating Featured

Last modified on Thursday, 01 December 2016 16:39
Written by  Press Release Thursday, 01 December 2016 04:33
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The Fort Smith Fire Department in the top 1% of fire suppression organizations across the United States.


The City of Fort Smith Fire Department provides fire suppression, technical rescue, medical first responder, hazardous material response, and improvised explosive device response to the citizens of Fort Smith.


The Fort Smith Fire Department (FSFD) covers all areas of the city with eleven fire stations and 149 firefighters. In 2015, the FSFD responded to over 10,000 emergency calls. The FSFD has earned an ISO Class 1 rating through a Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey conducted by the Insurance Services Office (ISO).


PPC classifications range from 1 to 10, with Class 1 representing exemplary fire suppression capabilities.



The businesses and residence within the city limits of Fort Smith have the best available fire suppression protection according to national standards on personnel, training, water supply, equipment, response times, organizational structure, and communications.


Most U.S. insurers (including the largest ones) use PPC information as part of their decision-making when determining which businesses to write coverage to and pricing. The ISO Class 1 rating will mean lower insurance rates for some citizens and many businesses within the city limits of Fort Smith.


Insurance rates based on the new ISO Class 1 rating will take effect on March 1, 2017




To date, only 178 fire departments have achieved an ISO Class 1 rating out of the over 48,000 fire departments that have been evaluated.

The Fort Smith Fire Department in now included in the top 1% of fire suppression organizations in the United States.



Voter approved reallocation of existing sales and use tax in March 2012; 1/8th cent for firefighting improvements. Passed with a 77.25% approval

The purchase of 6 new fire apparatus in 2013, allowing the Fire Department to restructure its organization for better fire protection throughout the entire city.


Additional staffing on aerial apparatus, resulting in increased firefighter safety and heightened the ability to perform rescue operations during structure fires.


With the opening of Fire Station 11 in February 2014, the south-eastern portions of the city had additional fire protection; resulting in a 50% reduction in alarm response times to the Chaffee Crossing area.


A Fire Training Facility with 4-story burn tower completed in 2015, allows firefighters to perform realistic hands-on training.


Allowed the Fire Department to establish a Fire Apparatus Replacement Fund, not create a burden on the General Fund for making large capital purchases.


Revenue from tax reallocation is estimated at $2.3 million for 2017


The Fort Smith Fire Department to date this year has responded to 200 fires, total over $90 million in property value; total fire damage losses are less than 3%, with an estimated savings to property owners of over $88 million.


“We are excited about this new rating. It’s the direct result from what the citizens of fort smith said they wanted and voted on. It began with a lot of planning and hard work from multiple departments and personnel; our firefighters, retired Fire Chief Mike Richards, the staff at the city’s water department, our 9-1-1 dispatch center, and the entire FSFD command staff” said Phil Christensen, Fire Chief, Fort Smith Fire Department.


“While we worked hard to get to where we are, there is still work to be done. The Fort Smith Fire Department and our firefighters will never stop trying to become a better public servant, we owe it to the citizens of Fort Smith”, he said.


“The city is currently classified as a Class 2. Going to a Class 1, most homeowners will see little change; the major attraction is for the commercial and industrial entities. This will also be attractive to industries considering Fort Smith as a location to build.”

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