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Tuesday March 19, 2019

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Sullivan's Poem on Teacher Walkout

Written by  Friday, 13 April 2018 10:12
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Gwen Sullivan wrote the following poem April 13, 2018, for all the teachers in her life. After the 9-day teacher walkout in Oklahoma, most area schools are back in session today.

Sit down little children
Let me tell you a story
Of the heroes who fought
For neither fame nor for glory

They did not do battle
with guns or with knives
Nor even with fists
to better your lives

The fight was not selfish
as some might believe
It was on your behalf
And not out of greed

Men and women alike
Chose to take on
The Capitol itself
Overcrowding the lawn

They filled up the hallways,
Every office they could,
Telling each leader
Our funds are not good

They stood there for hours
Day after day
Hoping to win more
Than just better pay

Weather in April
Tried to distract
But our heroes pressed on
Ignoring this tact

Few leaders listened
Or so it appeared
But the people kept coming
Hoping for reason to cheer

The crowds grew much larger
The rotunda compact
So that many could see
This was not just an act

These people were tired
Of being ignored
Of watching your money
Slip out the door

You see there had been
A long period of time
Where funding for schools
Was like nickels and dimes

Add it all up
You might have enough
But getting a dollar
Could be very tough

And so my dear children
They had just done without
Using scraps from past classes
And searching about

Textbooks were tattered
Paper was scarce
They bought what they could
Though they had nothing to spare

Then finally one day
Their patience was spent
They banded together
To say all they meant

“Our kids deserve better!”
They heartily exclaimed
And their voices were carried
Around the world without shame

Hours were spent
Just driving each day
To show leaders diligence
Not running away

Some even walked
Over 100 miles
To make people see
Their perseverance in trials

Your education
Meant everything to them
So they fought for the funding
To best teach you again

Some are back in their classes
But be not dismayed
Your teachers still fight
To better your way

Now that I know
How desperate their plight
I can back them up here
By shining their light

Teachers, we love you
You are not alone
We see and we hear you
What patience you’ve shown

Keep us abreast
Of all that you need
We can’t simply sit by
While you suffer and bleed

A seed as you know
Sprouts with love and with care
Your community’s with you
It’s not your burden to bear

Let’s help you now
However we can
For without your teaching
Our lives had no plan

For teachers are heroes
Day in and day out
Encouraging dreams
It’s what our future’s about

Your lesson these days
Was not to throw a big fit
But to stand for what’s right
not complacently sit

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David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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