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Written by  Wednesday, 07 March 2018 21:44
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Press release

To be an effective leader in the Oklahoma legislature, it takes an individual with specific leadership skills and knowledge who can effectively represent our state and county.

To be an effective leader for LeFlore County, it also takes someone who is willing not only to build relationships with other legislative members but who also understands their district’s needs.

This requires working closely with legislative leadership and being unafraid to fight for a seat at the table when important decisions affecting state revenues, legislation, and more importantly our local economy and jobs in our area must be made.

To be an effective leader for LeFlore County, it also takes someone that’s “Not Always a No” related to revenue when needed, or in aggressive and defiant opposition with their party’s leadership.

As someone who can act and make decisions as a “Responsible Conservative” for our area when needed, I have the vision to see when difficult decisions must be made for the good of the people, and I believe there are times when financial decisions need to be made in keeping our economy, jobs and core services strong.

I believe without a doubt that I’m qualified and I’m the right person for this job, at this time, when our state and especially when our area needs strong leadership the most.


At the same time when difficult decisions need to be made for our state, I also understand the importance of “State Government Reform.” This will take time but is required to help balance our budget needs long term and reducing our needs for new revenues going forward.

In other words, if the state requires increased financial needs to meet our core service needs, we must work to find long-term solutions to offset these needs with effective long-term reforms, while always acting responsibly with our money and actions.

Why I’m running! I’ve personally been frustrated, disappointed and angered with the inability of our local House member not willing to develop key relationships with legislators from both parties, and more importantly refusing to work with leadership of the House of Representatives to get something done for Oklahoma, and specifically our county and people.

I make the promise today that I can work with legislators from both parties for the good of our state and county. I will also tell you up front that I cannot accept liberally giving everything away to those too lazy to work.
But on the flip side I cannot accept those on the far, far right that don’t want to do anything at all for anyone else because of their own selfishness or ideology, as this will only continue to deteriorate our state services and economy.
For the past 28 years, I have worked for the continued improvement of our LeFlore County economy, jobs, education, safety, and an overall better quality of life for everyone in this area. This is who I am and what I do because I love this area!

My personal efforts began in 1991, when LeFlore County experienced the highest unemployment in the state by reaching 16.9% of our people out of work.


I worked with Congressman Wes Watkins and Senator Larry Dickerson meeting with Johnson Control in Washington DC when Johnson Control made the decision to move their Poteau operations to Mexico. This experience alone taught me that you don’t wait for the decision of a company leaving before you go in and try to negotiate the company to stay.

You go in when the company is operating, build relationships and know who they are, what they do and what they need well before you read that they’re leaving the country.

I was also fortunate to work with our local Oklahoma Department of Commerce representative that led to our efforts with then Governor Frank Keating laying out his regional plan to improve our state economy.

By working closely with Governor Keating and Commerce, this gave our county economic situation a State Level Focus. This personal relationship built with Governor Keating alone yielded the county many state partnership opportunities for growth, job creation and improvements by “Stepping Up” and wanting to be an active part of the discussions and solutions.

In just a few short years of working with Governor Keating, we saw our county unemployment move down below 5%, along with per capita income increasing. A focused effort by working together as a local team with state leaders helped us to reach these new milestones.

As representative of House District 3, I will continue working to help make certain we never again go back to double digit unemployment again in our county, or lose a business or industry without knowing it until we read about it.
Today, and especially right now, we’re seeing the “Health of our LeFlore County Economy” once again in danger of jobs being lost and real jobs are being lost right now because of inaction or stubborn defiance of our current House member refusing to work with legislative leadership.

For the past 5 years our state has seen revenue shortfalls leading to state agency cuts, reduction in our workforce, reductions of core services and resulting in many good people right here in LeFlore County losing their jobs.
In addition to core services being lost, teachers and state employees (small increase for state employees over this time) have not received a pay increase for nearly a decade. We’re also seeing our two-year colleges such as CASC and Eastern in danger of being closed to save state revenues.

Adequate health care funding is a major concern to our seniors who are worried that medication and home providers will be cut back or even lost.

Our VA Center in Talihina must remain in the county, as well as our veterans being served as our most honored citizens.

Our economy is also fueled by agriculture through farming, ranching, poultry and timber. Along with business and industry these all need our support in staying out of their way.

Mining of our natural resources in rural Oklahoma is the right thing to do as rock production, aggregate, coal mining, rail and trucking creates thousands of good paying jobs in our county.

I’m also proud to be a member of the Choctaw Nation, and I understand the history and struggles of our members being moved to this “Indian Territory” in the 1800s. I will always fight for the rights of our tribal members as agreed, and I will not have to hide from my tribal heritage as my great grandfather had to do just to get job to take care of his family.

Because of these and many other reasons that I’ll outline soon, I plan to file in April and be on the ballot in June 2018, for the position of House Seat District 3, representing LeFlore County in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Running against a popular incumbent in a Primary isn’t an easy task. The voter pool for the Republican Primary is smaller, and registered Democrats who agree with me can’t vote for me in the June 2018 Primary Election.

It will take a lot of work and support from educators, state workers, business people, retired people and our veterans getting people out to vote.

But it will also take Democrats who want a better economy and keeping our jobs strong to “Temporarily” change their voter registration to Republican before April 1, 2018.

After this date you can change your party registration back to Democrat, and regardless, each of us no matter if we’re Republican or Democrat are allowed to vote for any candidate we wish in the November 2018 General Election.

Running as a “Responsible Conservative” and helping to protect our area is what I’ve done most of my entire adult life. It will take people wanting positive change for our county and who are willing to work together to help us get there.

I look forward to talking with each of you personally about the direction I believe is important for our area and what I believe it takes to be an effective leader for each of you.

As a former teacher in LeFlore County for 15 years, and as a current business owner with employees that I sign the front of my employees payroll checks, I have the experience and I believe we can do much better for business and especially education than we’re doing.

I hope you’ll consider supporting me and my family as we seek your approval in working to make LeFlore County better and more economically stronger for each of us and our futures.

My wife Samantha, along with our children Joe and Katie Kiger, Miranda and H Palmer, Hailey and Bobbie Geren and Mya Hess will be working and calling their friends to help, switch and vote for me.

Switching Parties, Switching Stations and Switching Leaders will be announced immediately for Democrats who want to temporarily change their party registration for the Primary Election. This must be done before April, 1, 2018 to vote for me in the Primary.


District 3 towns include Poteau, Spiro, Pocola, Arkoma, Cameron, Monroe, Howe, Wister and Heavener and surrounding areas.

District 3 does not include my hometown of Panama, and Shady Point where I taught school, but it does take in areas east of these two communities, and also north of Panama.

It’s an honor to have the opportunity to run for this position in working and seeking to better serve you.

As a former coach, coming from a coaching and classroom teaching family, and business owner, I won’t mix words or my position and I’ll tell you straight up how I think on all issues important to the State and District.

I hope you’ll consider joining us as we work to correct the budget problems we have in our state to better fund services needed by our people.

If you would like to host a neighborhood discussion in your home, please call or text me at 918-721-4190 or Samantha at 918-649-7959 to set up a day and time to meet.


We can discuss what’s important to you, and possibly switching before April 1, 2018.


Thank you.

Lundy Kiger Responsible Conservative Republican Oklahoma House of Representatives, District 3


David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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