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Sunday September 23, 2018

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Poteau 41 - Metro 35 Featured

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Written by  Friday, 22 September 2017 23:32
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Poteau Pirates barely do it but the beat Metro Christian Academy in the first conference game of the season.


In the First Quarter Poteau Pirates score a touchdown with an Easton Francis 4-yard run making the score 6-0 Pirates over Metro Christian Academy. Two-point conversion good! making the Pirates 8-0.


At 7:20 left in the first quarter Metro Christian scores with a one yard run to make the score 8 – 6, their extra point – good - making the score Poteau 8 – Tulsa Metro – 7.


Metro who will go to Division 2A next year, went into make a score at 45 seconds left in 1st quarter. Good kick puts Metro on top.  Poteau 8 Metro 14.


Second Quarter

Poteau quarterback runs 69 yards for a Pirate touchdown – Poteau 14 -Metro 14 – Good extra point makes Poteau 15 – Metro Christian 14.   9:53 left in 2nd quarter.


Pirates get the ball – and take it score again for a 31-yard touchdown. Extra point good, Poteau 22 – Metro 14, 7:54 left until half-time.


A touch down by Metro makes the score Poteau 22, Metro 20 at 21 seconds left until half-time makes and good extra point good allows Metro to catch up and Poteau only has a one-point lead. Poteau 22, Metro 21

Metro intercepted the ball – one second left – Metro threw a long pass and the ball was intercepted by Poteau.


Half-time Score

Poteau 22

Metro 21


Third Quarter

Pirates score with a 25-yard touchdown pass. Poteau now 28, extra point good no good, makes the score Poteau 28 - Metro 21.


8 seconds left in third quarter – Poteau 28 – Metro 21 and Pirates are got a 1st and goal.


Fourth Quarter

Poteau loses a yard – now making it 2nd and goal. Now up the middle and touch down Poteau – 34, extra point good, making it 35.

Pirates 35 – Metro 21.


Pirates with a 14 point lead with 11:17 to go in the game.


A long pass gives Metro a touchdown. Score now is Poteau 35 - Metro 28 with 6:47 left in the ball game.


Poteau makes a touch down with an 83-yard touchdown pass.


Missed extra point makes the score Poteau 41 – Metro 28.


Metro with 1-minute left in the game Metro scores making the score Poteau 41 – Metro 35 and 56 seconds to left to go in the game.


Poteau   41

Metro     35



Poteau will play Fort Gibson next Friday night there.

Read 399 times
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