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Boston Mapping Project Mirrors Nazi Strategies Against Jews Featured

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Boston Mapping Project Mirrors Nazi Strategies Against Jews Submitted


BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – When a map went online showing the location of Jewish civic, social service, and educational organizations in Boston, Massachusetts, it likely struck little chord for most Americans. Perhaps odd. A little strange. But for Jews remembering the dark days of World War II and the Holocaust, it was a chilling reminder of efforts by Nazi Germany to "identify" Jewish populations, which was a precursor of the tragedy to come. 

Laurie Cardoza Moore, founder and president of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, is denouncing the recent online mapping of Jewish schools, community funds, synagogues and other organizations in Boston by a group connected with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

“I am appalled at this shameful and dangerous act,” Cardoza Moore commented. “Pro-Palestinian activists have drawn a target over peaceful, service-oriented Jewish organizations. Such actions harken back to one of the darkest times in world history when Nazi Germany engaged in similar ‘innocent’ directives that foreshadowed the horrible tragedy that was on the horizon.”

The map claims that the targeted organizations support “the colonization of Palestine,” although most are apolitical and focused on the religious, social, and educational life of the Jewish population in Boston.

According to Moore, this act of hate and intimidation should be a rallying cry for Christians to stand with the Jewish people. Laurie loves Israel and calls on believers in Jesus to come alongside the Jewish people now.

“We need to stand with our Jewish neighbors against this bullying tactic,” Cardoza Moore continued. “Now is the time to call on city officials in Boston, as well as state and national officials, to seek a full and thorough investigation into the group which perpetrated this act. We need to urge Christian leaders to vocalize support for Israel and our Jewish brethren and condemn this type of inflammatory targeting. We cannot be silent in the face of such intimidation and hate.”

Cardoza Moore has long been a strong voice in support of Israel. She has been named:

  • A Friend of Israel by The Center for Jewish Awareness
  • One of the top 100 people impacting Israel by the Algemeiner, a global news journal covering Israel and the Middle East
  • A Goodwill Ambassador to Israel by the Israel Consul General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry

For more information about Cardoza Moore or Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, visit

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