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Friday, 19 November 2021 15:23

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Written by Karen Wages, CEO, of the Poteau Chamber of Commerce
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Can you imagine your neighborhood or city without small business?

I can't and hope that I never live in a place without them.

Coffee shops, hair and nail salons, corner stores, spas, boutiques, clothing stores, consignment shops, restaurants, craft stores, bars, repair shops, laundromats, gas stations, convenient stores, and much more make up our city retail footprint. If these were not making up our business sector and were to close, imagine what Poteau would look like. Abandoned, boring, empty, desolate and not attractive or inviting for anyone.

Just how much of an impact do small businesses have on the community?

(SBA) Small Business Administration reports 28 million operate in the U.S. alone. They generate 66% of all new jobs.

"Small Business is not a small thing for a cities success."

In Poteau over 75% of business is small and locally owned and operated.

They employ you family, friends, senior citizens, college students

and school kids. Small businesses make a major impact buy providing better customer service and provides a greater variety of access to products.

Small Businesses give back more to your community.

When you shop local you are supporting your city or town and neighborhood.

Money spent is turned around many times by sales tax to the city and county.

They support your football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer teams, bands, dance teams, and local community service groups and organizations like your local chamber of commerce.

"When You Shop Local, You Are Truly Putting Your Heart At Home"

My wish for this Christmas Holiday Season is....

Strong Faith, Love Of Family And Friends, Good Health And A Hopeful, Bright New Year! #weareallinthistogether

Thank you all we are not Poteau without U!

Karen Wages, CEO


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