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Restaurant Workers in Oklahoma are paid 55% less than all other occupations Featured

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Restaurant Workers in Oklahoma are paid 55% less than all other occupations has released a new report about restaurant worker pay. Below is information about that report and a link to the state-by-state analysis. Release

The restaurant industry—and its workers—have faced severe challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With added safety precautions, inconsistent work, and unemployment—restaurant workers struggle to find stability. With over 8.1 million restaurant workers across the US and talks of raising the minimum wage, my team at wanted to know which states pay restaurant staff the most.

We found that in every state, restaurant workers earn less than the average salary for all other occupations.

Oklahoma ranks #37 for restaurant worker pay.

  • In Oklahoma restaurant workers make an average salary of $20,406
  • This is 55% less than the average salary of all other occupation ($45,620) in Oklahoma

Check out our state-by-state analysis here:

Best Paying States for Restaurant Staffmap

Here are a few stats from the report.

  • Nationally, restaurant workers earn an average salary of $24,861—that’s 54% less than all occupations across the country.
  • Hawaii ranks #1 for restaurant staff pay, with an average salary of $41,502—but that still falls 24% below Hawaii’s average salary for all occupations.
  • The next best-paying states are Vermont and Arizona, which both pay restaurant workers about 40% less than the average pay for all occupations.
  • Virginia has the worst pay for restaurant workers, with an average salary of $22,894 (60% less than all other occupations).
  • The other lowest-paying states for restaurant staff include Rhode Island, Georgia, and Maryland, which all paid nearly 60% less than all occupations.