Friday, 17 March 2017 18:28

Decorating Wisely: European Style

Written by Glenda Wise
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If any of you have ever spoken with my daughter, Grayson, for any length of time you will soon find out that she is obsessed with European style....Paris in particular.


She adores Audrey Hepburn and tends to make clothing choices based upon Audrey’s style. Who can argue with that? Audrey had great style that was simple and elegant.


Grayson’s winter formal dress was very old Hollywood as is her prom dress.


This European style doesn’t stop with her fashion though. It shows through in her decorating style as well. She likes the simple and understated style with a dash of character.


I can assure you she likes what she likes and definitely doesn’t mind telling you if she doesn’t like something.

I would say that we could all agree no matter what our decorating style that we all want a “dash of character” in our homes. After all that’s what makes our homes unique to anyone else’s. How do you add a “dash of character”? Well, you do what makes you go to your happy place.


I mean if your home doesn’t makes you go to your happy place where else can? Ok, well...maybe the beach or Jackson Hole or wine country, but when you’re not on vacation, your home needs to be your happy place. By the way, I’ve loved seeing all of your Spring Break vacation pictures on Facebook! Keep ‘em comin’!

Ok, back to bringing in the character and happy place in our homes. I think the best way to do this is to find your own style, like Grayson. I’m not really sure you can put a name on what my style is. I don’t think I have an “official” style.


I would say I’m a cross between some European, Craftsman, vintage, eclectic....and the list goes on. After 25 years of marriage, a couple of moves between states, two kids and pets one’s style tends to evolve into their own.


If you haven’t found your own “happy place” style, I strongly suggest you start searching now. It’s awesome to come home to things that hold so many memories.


I really hope all of you Spring Breakers brought home some memorabilia to display in your homes.


It can even be as simple as a mason jar full of sand or shells from the beach, just as long as it takes you back to great memories and brings you to your happy place.