Friday, 14 April 2017 16:59

Decorating Wisely: Family Phases Featured

Written by Glenda Wise
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I hope you are enjoying a fantastic Easter weekend. It’s officially spring! Around the Easter holiday really makes me miss living in Florida because the girls’ spring break officially started at noon on Holy Thursday and then they were out for the following Easter week.


I really miss that school schedule. I guess I don’t have much longer to worry about any kind of kids’ school schedule because Gracie will be graduating next year. Yikes! Ok, sorry about the reminiscing I get sidetracked when I start thinking about how old my kids really are!


How did this happen?! Weren’t they just eight years old? I guess time moves on whether we want it to or not, so we may as well embrace each stage of our lives.

I think our homes are a reflection of stages in our lives. When we’re in our early twenties or newlyweds we don’t have much by the way of furnishings, pictures, etc. That phase really is the blank canvas of the rest of our lives and every paint stroke tells a unique story.


As we progress through our early adult years, we gain a few more things from vacations or fun times with family and friends and we start to add those things to our home décor. Next, we have children and for anyone that’s ever had kids everything pretty much revolves around them! Even those of us that said they would never be one of those parents that had toys scattered about the living room! Yep, I actually said that! I think that lasted about a week. In the end, it’s really just about baby and what baby wants. 


As our kids age, we add lots of things that have to do with their lives—school pictures, awards, family photos, family vacations, and so on. Then they grow up and suddenly things start to shift a bit, not that those things will ever go away in our hearts and memories, but there is definitely a sense of changes are a comin’. There won’t be anymore Saturdays of cleaning up messy kids’ closets. Of course, I know grandkids naturally follow, but thankfully I’m not quite there yet, well, unless I can count a granddog. I’m definitely in no hurry for grandkids to happen, but when it does, I’m sure I will be a crazy grandmommy.

My advice to you is to enjoy every chapter and present moment. Don’t wish your life away for a past moment or a future one for that matter. Let your home proudly reflect each phase. Who cares what the “professionals” say about not having too many family pictures in the living room? In my unprofessional opinion, I don’t think a home is a home without family pictures. Yes, there are certain ways to display them where they all look unified and not just a hodge podge.


For example, try to use frames in the same family—like a dark wood frame should be coupled with another dark frame, not necessarily the same style, just dark. You wouldn’t want to put a stark white frame right next to it. It would be too much of a contrast and would take away from the pictures themselves. The best dispalys are mixed up frame styles, but they remain in the same general color family.

My second advice to you, is go make some memories especially this Easter weekend.


Dye some Easter eggs, let the kitchen get messy, have a giant Easter egg hunt, and by all means, eat the chocolate!


Have a wonderful and blessed Easter season.