Decorating Wisely: Favorite Vases

Friday, 31 May 2019 18:30

Decorating Wisely: Favorite Vases Featured

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By Glenda Wise


The other day I got an email from a company selling vases. The subject line was, “Our 10 Favorite Vases.” Of course, they were hoping that I would purchase one of those 10 favorite vases, but it really only led to the question, “What are my 10 favorite vases?” This question had to go back to my 10 favorite vases around the house, since I’ve sworn off buying anything unnecessary for this year. Here are my top vases and/or flower containers around my house:

1. Bud vases are a perfect way to create a simple centerpiece. All you need to do is group a few together, pop a bloom in each and place them in the center of your table.

2. Repurposed candle jars make great containers for roundy-moundy type arrangements because the mouth of the jar is usually wide. Roses and carnations are a good flower choice for low-mounded arrangements. Group a few blooms in your hand and snip the stems keeping them short to just come over the top of the jar.

3. Glass drinking glasses also make nice floral containers. You can either create the roundy-moundy or you can make the arrangement a little taller with greenery and flowers.

4. Wine glasses are another fun floral container and mix well with other vases.

5. Mason jars are another go-to. I automatically think of a summer picnic with a few sunflower blooms.

6. Teacups filled with a few blooms make a fun table setting.

7. Wine bottles are so pretty; it is hard for me to throw them away. I just put them in the dishwasher and most of the time if I get them out while the label is still damp it comes off with little effort.
8. I save old flower vases from professional arrangements. They are perfect for creating taller fuller arrangements.

9. Small bowls are a good way to create arrangements with flower heads. Add a little water and pop the flower head in for an instant floating centerpiece.

10. Anything unusual around the house is always fun to give an unexpected use like holding flowers. As long as it is watertight, give it a try!

I’ll close with this to ponder...Would you consider the following situation a necessary purchase or not? One of the drawer knobs of our chest of drawers is stripped out, so it comes off if we pull on it too hard. Donnie and I were discussing buying new hardware, but I’m not sure that this technically constitutes “a necessary purchase” since the drawer still works.


Here is the dilemma, Donnie was in a hurry and pulled on it too hard and somehow the whole drawer fell out and in order to save the cat from being hit, he stuck his foot out and you know how that ended..a hurt foot. On the one hand, it feels unnecessary, but on the other, it feels necessary to avoid breaking the cat’s back or Donnie’s foot.


What are your thoughts?

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