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By Glenda Wise


I’m happy to report that Grayson has made it home safely from her European travels. She had the time of her life and completely fell in love with European culture. She was telling me how dinner is a big deal there.


Aside from the fabulous food, she said dinner typically lasts an hour and a half and you do not get your phone out at the table. She said dinner is an event everyday where people get together and enjoy great food and one another’s company.


That sounds divine! I think we should bring a little of that back to the American culture.


I know I am just as guilty as the next, when it comes to life getting in the way, but it really does make a difference if you can get together at least once a day and just enjoy one another. I remember growing up as a child and loving “potluck Sunday” after church. That was one of my favorite days, not only because of all the great food prepared by the church ladies, but just the whole church family coming together to eat.

Although our family dynamic has shifted from having kids at home, we can still create a coming together in our homes with family and friends, a gathering place if you will. Donnie and I have always loved having people over for barbeques and dinner parties, but, unfortunately, we kind of let that slip away.


I think it just sort of happened naturally when I went back to school, Grayson was dancing all of the time and we were just busy like every other American family. You know how it is when the busyness of life is constantly looming overhead; you simply do not feel like cooking dinner, not to mention entertaining people.


I think we are missing the point though, in order to keep up with the busyness we need to slow it down for a day and just enjoy our families and friends.

Trust me, I am the world’s worst about feeling like my home has to be perfect, picturesque almost, before I will allow someone over for dinner, but with that being said, I believe I am missing out on that much needed comradery.


Life isn’t about everything being perfect and waiting for the right moment to let someone in.


Life is about living in the here and now and enjoying the company right in front of us. It’s time we redefine the concept of “presentable” to include a little less perfection and a bit more reality, which involves a few messes.


Hospitality and gathering don’t need perfection, they need love and care for those around us. Inviting people into a less than perfect home says, “This is who we are and this is our life, you are welcome to be a part of it, imperfections and all.”

David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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