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Decorating Wisely: Jan 27th Featured

Written by Glenda Wise
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We’re still hard at work on the poolhouse, but I have no good pictures to show you yet. Ashton did, however, paint the gold door hardware oil-rubbed bronze and they turned out fabulous.


She bought a can of Rustoleum’s spray paint made just for painting things like that and sprayed them, it was that easy. The hardest part is taking off the hardware and putting them back together. She had paint left over so she thought, “What the heck, I might as well go ahead and try to paint the chrome light fixture we were going to replace.” It turned out great, so yippee skippee that’s more savings for us!


Since there aren’t any fabulous before and after pics to share with you, I thought I would share a few recently discovered hacks. A few Sundays ago, I decided to cook baked beans. You know the kind you cook all day in the oven.


They were delicious but the aftermath of the pan was awful! I used one of my glass baking dishes and the sides were a baked on nightmare. I soaked and soaked and soaked that pan for days. Nothing would even touch those sides. Ashton told me that she had read if you put a dryer sheet in the pan, fill it with water and let it soak that it helps loosen the burnt mess. We did it and you know what? It worked!


Yes, it still required a bit of elbow grease to get it completely clean, but before the dryer sheet I couldn’t even get that stuff to budge. The pan is good as new and ready for another use. A few days later, I was doing laundry, cooking dinner and a million other things.


I forgot about the corn I had put on the stove and let’s just say it was well on its way to becoming popcorn. That was a burnt-on mess as well, so we did the dryer sheet thing again and it worked like a charm after soaking overnight.


Several years ago there was a product made for cleaning the microwave. I can’t remember the name and it may still be on the market, I’m not sure. It was a wipe sealed inside a package that you heated up much like a bag of popcorn. When it was hot, you took the wipe out and wiped down the microwave. It worked pretty well, but the best I can remember they weren’t that cheap. Here is a good way to get a clean microwave for literally pennies and it’s environmentally friendly.


1. Fill a glass bowl half-full of water.
2. Add lemon slices.
3. Microwave for about five minutes.
4. Take the bowl out and wipe down the inside of the microwave with a paper towel. The inside of the microwave will be kind of moist and sweaty.


If you have a few stubborn spot left, repeat the above steps.


You can even take this a step further by pouring the remaining water over the microwave plate in the sink. Then, put the used lemons down the garbage disposal to clean it.


I hope some of these tips help you.


This weekend is the big move from Norman!


Wish us luck!