Friday, 03 March 2017 16:04

Decorating Wisely: “Pancakes and Plies” Featured

Written by Glenda Wise
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Waffle Bar sign - Baby Shower Waffle Bar sign - Baby Shower

Well...I promised you finished poolhouse pictures, but I’m sad to say that I can’t deliver those to you this week.


You see, about a week and a half ago my dog bit me. I don’t believe he was being aggressive or vicious; I simply scared him while he was sleeping on the couch and he got me.


It was, and at times still, traumatic. The bite resulted in a trip to the ER and seven stitches in my lip (fingers crossed that I don’t need plastic surgery in the future to fix), a swollen face, a black eye and lots of emotions. I have never been afraid of animals, but this has certainly made me more cautious around them. Marty has always slept with us, but I’m not quite there yet for that one.


Hopefully, someday things will be back to “normal”. Since the bite, it has put me really far behind on work, school and everything in between as I still don’t have quite the energy back. I’m assuming that’s due to the healing process.




I did, however, (with lots of help from Ashton) manage to pull off two events last weekend. One was a fundraiser for the ballet called “Pancakes and Plies”. This was our first year doing it, so we kept it simple and just offered pancakes, bacon and fruit. It was a success, so we’re already planning next year’s event. It was also nice because the dancers performed a couple of pieces from their spring ballet, Giselle. Since it was a fundraiser, I had no budget to work with, so I brought a lot of things from home, like crystal serving pieces and fresh cut Daffodils. Adding those simple touches to something like a pancake breakfast fundraiser really makes the guests feel welcomed and want to stick around.


tulip vases


The next day we hosted a baby shower for our receptionist, Montoya Seymour, at our home. She’s having a baby girl; therefore, we used accents of pink, of course. It was a morning shower, so we served breakfast. We had a waffle bar, breakfast casserole, fruit, sausage balls, chocolate-covered bacon and strawberries, and delicious Petites Fours.


memosa bar


Oh, and we can’t forget the “Momosa” bar which consisted of juice, champagne and our ever-famous “Fancy Water”. I also got lucky at the last minute and found some beautiful blooming branches at the farmer’s market in Fort Smith for $5 a bundle. They were and still are stunning!


Ashton and I make a great team and we often kid about opening up our own event company....maybe someday.