Decorating Wisely: Sure-fire Tips for Vacation Packing

Friday, 08 June 2018 17:54

Decorating Wisely: Sure-fire Tips for Vacation Packing Featured

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By Grayson Wise

Hello, hello! You may be wondering why my mom isn’t writing this week, and you may also be wondering who I am. Good news for you, I am going to answer both of these questions.

I’m Grayson Wise, a writer for and the daughter of the most magnificent and wonderful Glenda Wise. She asked me to write about some super awesome packing tips on account I’m known as the packing princess, and we’re about to leave for vacation. Honestly, being a great packer should be a skill I can put on my resume, but sadly, I can’t. Oh well!

My biggest tip: always pack in a carry-on suitcase. Okay, okay, I see you looking at me like I’ve just lost my mind, but hear a girl out! If you’re flying somewhere, and you have this GIANT suitcase that you’re lugging around, that’s most likely over the weight limit, and is difficult to maneuver around a busy airport... you’ve just increased your stress level to an eight when it should be a three. That is so not okay. See? Now I’m starting to look a lot less crazy, am I not?

Another great thing about carry-ons, not only are they easier to keep up with, (for any type of travel) but they also restrict you from bringing so much! You seriously are not going to need four different jeans and six different shoes for a week-long trip. I suggest bringing really versatile clothes and shoes that you can make tons of outfits with throughout your trip. For a week of travel, try and only bring three shirts, a pair of jeans, shorts, two dresses, and two pairs of shoes. Even that is more than enough! Oh, and don’t forget the accessories! Even a simple necklace can absolutely transform an outfit.

With these two simple (but effective) tips, you are on your way to a better vacation and becoming a packing guru too! For more travel, fashion, decorating, and cooking advice, check out our blog We’ve got lots of new stuff coming in, and we cannot wait to write about it! Thanks for reading, and have a great summer. Ciao!

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