Friday, 20 January 2017 16:56

Decorating Wisely - The Poolhouse Featured

Written by Glenda Wise
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The before picture of the island The before picture of the island

Since my last column, a lot of exciting things have happened around here! Ashton has accepted the position of Producer at KFSM Channel 5 News. Guess what that means.....she is moving back! I’m just a little excited for a couple of reasons...1. As I said, she is moving back, 2. She is employed!


Rather than renting a place at first, she is going to move into the poolhouse, so we have been trying to do a few updates on the weekends until she moves at the end of the month.


The only problem with the updating is that we are on a tight budget, like...we are doing this literally on a shoestring budget. I will have an updated column with before and after pictures when it’s all done, but for now, I wanted to give you some creative ways we have come up with just in case you have found yourself wanting to remodel, but on the same shoestring budget.


First, Pinterest is your friend! We have searched and pinned and everything in between trying to come up with ways to make it look like a million bucks with no bucks. Ok, we may have spent a couple of bucks, but literally, it has been a couple.


Our first task was turning the black Formica countertops into “granite”. This actually proved to be a little easier than we thought. It’s certainly a process over a few days. Ashton bought a kit online. After the initial priming coat, it’s basically a process of sponging repeatedly with various colors of paint until you get the right look.


At first, it looked a little splotchy to me, like someone had sponged paint onto the countertop, but after 400 layers (give or take a few) it started looking like granite.


We even painted veins in it, that looked at first like we let a four-year-old grab a paintbrush, but after more sponging, it really did give a nice dimension to it.


After that set up for a day, we applied a sealer to it. So rather than spend $4000 on granite, we only spent $30.


We then decided to paint the island a light grey with chalk paint, so there was no sanding! Yay! We left the rest of the cabinets white. The last thing we did was change the pulls.


I found enough of the brushed nickel knobs at my house from our remodel several years ago, so all I had to order was a few pulls to match.

Our total cost for the kitchen remodel was $60, not bad! I’m adding before and after pictures for you, please ignore the floor and all the mess around.


island after

The Island after it was finished

We’re also going to change the floor, but we need to sell a few things first. Oh, by the way, we’re having an indoor garage sale on February 4th in Connie’s garage. She lives on White Oak in the Shadow Mountain subdivision. Mark your calendars, please!