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Decorating Wisely: Tis the Season Featured

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By Glenda Wise


Tis the season...the season for baby showers, graduation parties and weddings. Last weekend we attended Megan and Cole Forsberg’s baby shower. Let me tell you, those Stout women really know how to throw a shower. The shower was so beautiful and special. They had it all covered right down to the tiniest of details from decorations to welcoming every guest into their home.

The next party I will be hosting is Grayson’s graduation party...YIKES! I’m so not ready for this. I know, I know it’s a natural part of raising kids and many of you have been through it already, but I’m still sad and not sure what I’m going to do without my life revolving around her activities. I am sure I will get through it like you, but it is hard to imagine right now.

Ok, now that I’ve had my pity party, let’s get on the celebration portion. My niece is graduating this year as well from Mulberry, Arkansas. Her graduation is May 17, so I’m planning to have a party for both before Grayson’s baccalaureate. Graduation is a special time, so the party needs to be equally as special. How can I personalize a joint graduation party for two very different girls? Grayson has danced for 12 years and Sarah has played basketball and softball practically since she could walk.

First, I’m making a list of things special to each girl. For example, as I mentioned Grayson is a dancer and Sarah is a basketball player; therefore, there will be elements representing their love for each of these.
Next, the menu and cake selection. Each girl will have a favorite dish as well as their favorite cake. Sarah loves the raspberry-lemon cake and Grayson loves a cookie cake, so we will have both. See I told you very different girls!

The theme will be, of course, graduation, but will feature each girls’ high school mascots and chosen colleges.

Finally, my favorite part that I am most excited about, the picture collage. A friend of mine did this for her daughter and I just loved it. She bought a large, empty wooden frame from Hobby Lobby and mounted all kinds of pictures from her daughter’s first day of school through her high school graduation. I loved this so much and have kept it in the back of my mind for a couple of years. This will also be a perfect addition to each girl’s dorm.

To recap, each girl’s interests and tastes will be showcased and the graduation theme will tie it all together. Some people don’t like the idea of “sharing” parties like this, but I think they can be more special when there are unique aspects and you are able to combine the celebration with family.


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