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Decorating Wisely: Transitional Phase Featured

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By Glenda Wise



We’ve unpacked all the boxes and settled into our new temporary home. We’re in that transitional phase while we are building our new home. While we have the majority of our things in storage, I still want to make this temporary house feel like home for the next few months. I think everyone at some point in their lives have felt as if some place wasn’t really their home, whether it be a transitional home like we’re in, a college dorm or a temporary move. Whatever the case may be, do these simple steps to make it feel a bit more like home:

1) Bring a few meaningful things with you. Most of our artwork is in storage, but I do have a family picture or two sitting around to make it feel like home. We also have our crucifix hanging in our temporary home. Seeing this crucifix that we’ve had for several decades brings me a feeling of safety, comfort and solace.

2) We made sure to bring a few of our homey comforts that make us happy. For Donnie, it’s his espresso machine, for me it’s my French Press and all my baking necessities. I can’t imagine going through a fall season without making my pumpkin bread and I need that cold brew latte every morning!

3) Splurge on your favorite candle. There’s something about burning a candle in your favorite scent to make a house feel like home. My go to scent is Crisp Apple. What’s yours?

4) Take time to relax. I’m not going to lie, I’m really enjoying not feeling like I have something to do from the second I get home from work. The yard doesn’t require much maintenance and the house is pretty small, so there isn’t much maintenance needed. It is pretty nice!

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