Easy to Make Pinwheels

Wednesday, 27 July 2022 13:27

Easy to Make Pinwheels Featured

Written by Donna Deaton
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My family really likes pinwheels. Your family may call them roll-ups or something else, but they probably like them (or will like them if they haven’t tried them yet). You can supply everyone’s favorite ingredients and let each one “roll their own” or just use ingredients that will please even the pickiest eaters in your home. The basic ingredients you’ll need are:

  • large tortillas (the smaller ones don’t provide enough space to roll up into pinwheels!)
  • your favorite sliced deli meat
  • a leafy green (spinach, arugula, mixed spring greens) [or maybe not for the pickiest eaters]
  • your favorite sliced or finely shredded cheese
  • fresh sliced or chopped tomatoes (sun dried tomatoes would be great too)
  • other thinly sliced or chopped vegetables--cucumber, carrot, or diced red peppers
  • your favorite sauce—ranch, Italian, thousand island, cream cheese & taco seasoning, etc. (thicker is better, but not necessarily best)
  • relish, chopped pickles, etc.
  • toothpicks

Here is the recipe.

Place one large tortilla on a flat surface. (I like to use a parchment covered cutting board, but a plate works well too).

Spread a small amount of sauce to the edges of the tortilla.

Layer deli meat, greens, cheese, & veggies almost to the edges of the tortilla.

Beginning at the edge nearest you (about the 7:00-5:00 position), begin rolling the tortilla toward the top (12:00 position). Tuck ingredients in as you roll and roll as tightly as possible.

Secure with several toothpicks, place in a zipper bag or air-tight container and refrigerate at least a couple of hours.

Remove from the refrigerator and take one roll out of the container. Carefully remove the toothpicks.

Place with the loose edge down on a cutting board and cut into about 1” slices. (I use a bread knife and a sawing motion).

Serve immediately. If there are leftovers, return to zipper bag/air-tight container and put back in the refrigerator. Use within a couple of days.

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