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Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center is proud to announce the creation of the Don M.Goforth Project. Featured

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Pictured(left to right): Jon Pickel, Chief- Poteau Fire Department, Cassie Goforth and Bob Carter, CEO- Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center. Pictured(left to right): Jon Pickel, Chief- Poteau Fire Department, Cassie Goforth and Bob Carter, CEO- Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center.


Press release

As many of you know, this past year, a piece of  EOMC family was taken from us far too early. Don M. Goforth, IT Manager at EOMC, passed away on August 11, 2019 as a result of brain cancer.

Don was a brilliant young man with a passion for his family, the IT profession and the fire service. Don was a firefighter for the Poteau Fire Department for 10 years, having attained the rank of Captain at the time of his death.
Don was only 37 years old.

As a lasting memory of Don’s dedication to EOMC and the fire service, the Don M. Goforth Project has been established in hopes that no more firefighters, young or old, will be taken from their family and community as a result of undiagnosed cancer.

Firefighting is an inherently dangerous occupation, whether career or volunteer. The number one cause of firefighter deaths since the 1990s is cancer. It has been proven that early detection of cancer is paramount in increasing the survival rate of the patient.

Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center is committed to providing the opportunity of early detection to every active and retired firefighter in LeFlore County, Oklahoma.

Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center, in cooperation with Diagnostic Imaging Associates, will provide screening CT scans of the head, chest, abdomen and pelvis to any active or retired firefighter in LeFlore County for $150.00 (unless medical contraindicated).

• The firefighter’s medical provider will order the CT scans.

• These scans can only be performed every 3 years in
order to not expose the firefighter to excessive radiation.

• These scans do not require IV access, radioactive
contrast to be administered and are 100% painless.

• The scans will be read by the radiologist at DIA and
reported to the firefighter’s medical provider of record.

The following restrictions will apply to all firefighters that request the scans:

• The firefighter must be an active or retired member of the Oklahoma Firefighter Pension System or the Volunteer Firefighter Association of Oklahoma.

• The firefighter must present identification that verifies that membership at the time that the CT Scans are performed.

• The $150.00 charge must be paid in advance of the scans.

• All CT Scans will be scheduled in advance with the Radiology Department at EOMC. Testing will be performed Monday through Friday, between 8am and 5pm.

Questions? Give EOMC a call at 918-635-3590.

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Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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