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Pervasive Parenting by Kodey Toney


I attended the state autism conference recently, and wanted to share some things I heard from one speaker. This young man, Jacob Howell, was on the spectrum, and his words were very powerful to me.

He was explaining about having autism when he said in a cheerful, but matter-of-fact voice, “Autism is in your heart, and without your heart you would die. Rest In Peace!”

What a great way of looking at it. My mentor Dr. Patrick Schwarz explains this similarly by saying it is an attribute; something they are born with.

Jacob went on to say that he thinks that everyone should have the same opportunities as anyone and everyone else does.

He said, “like shaking my booty. We put on our shoes the same. It’s time for us to change, and be different.”

What a great concept. That is profound. We need to change our way of thinking as a society, and be different, or embrace our differences. That, after all, is what makes us truly special. It’s not the deficiencies in social and communication skills. It’s the lack of understanding and acceptance of the community surrounding someone with a disability.

He went on to say, “Even though they don’t understand, they need to listen.”

If we all just took a little time to listens to each other the world would be a better place.

One of my favorite songwriters, Ryan Adams, has a line in a song that says, “Kindness don’t ask for much, just an open mind.”

That has always been one of my favorite lines because of the truth behind it. We all need to open our minds more.


David Deaton

Digital Editor at Oklahoma Welcome

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