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2020 LeFlore County Fair Indoor Exhibits Placings Featured

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Due to social distancing restrictions, this year's indoor exhibits were taken to the OSU Extension office for judging. Exhibits will not be on display for the public this year. Scroll below the article to see photos.

Fall Fair 2020--4H Indoor exhibit awards

Jorja Hendrix, Papercraft-1st

Whitney Reece, pottery-2nd

Whiteney Reece, fabric hair tie-1st

Hannah Reed, Sr., yarn craft-1st

Hannah Reed, Sr., wooden-1st

Hanna Reed, cross stitch-1st

Brinley Mills, wreath, 1st

Jorja Hendrix, fabric-skirt-1st

Jorja Hendrix, fabric-apron-1st

Kastyn Wagley, painting-1st

Cambri England, canvas painting 2nd

Kastyn Wagley, water color 2nd

Jorja Hendrix, water color-1st

Kastyn Wagley, clay art-1st

Brenna McNatt, drawing-1st

Kastyn Wagley, pencil drawing-1st

Hannah Reed, Sr., natural ornament-1st

Jorja Hendrix, natural ornament -1st

Brinley Mills, beadwork-1st

Brinley Mills, plastic craft-1st

Brenna McNatt, paper craft-1st

Hannah Reed, Sr, Misc-1st

Hannah Reed, Sr., painting-1st

Hannah Reed, Sr., crayon art-1st

Sarah England, food basket-2nd

Brinley Mills, food basket-1st

Hannah Reed, Sr, Food basket-1st

Brinley Mills, purple okra-1st

Brinley Mills, jalapeno-1st

Brinley Mills, cherry tomatoes-1st

Brinley Mills, okra-1st

Brinley Mills, sweet bell pepper-1st

Hannah Reed, Sr.,watermelon-1st

Brinley Mills, banana pepper-1st

Sarah England, butternut squash-1st

Brinley Mills, watermelon-1st

Sarah England, red potatoes-1st

Sarah England, red onion-1st

Brinley Mills, pumpkin-1st

Sarah England, white onion-1st

Sarah England, pear tomatoes-2nd

Sarah England, Acorn squash-1st

Sarah England, white potatoes-1st

Hannah Reed, Sr., cherry tomatoes-1st

Brinley Mills, hot red pepper-1st

Jacob Dubois, 1st yr. insect collection-1st

Sarah England, 2nd yr. insect collection

Tory Phillips, Educational display

Sarah England, Wildflower study

Cambri England, 4 photo display

Cambri England, series of events photo display

Jorja Hendrix, smart phone photo-2nd

Hannah Reed, Sr., 4 photo display

Jorja Hendrix, Cranberry choc. Chip muffins

Ben Wilson, cookies & cream cookie

Jorja Hendrix, cranberry choc. Chip cookie

Brenna McNatt, strawberry jam

Sarah England, honey


--participation only

Jase England-white onions, whole potatoes, red onions, acorn squash, red potatoes, butternut squash, birdhouse, miniature animal scene box

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