Monday, 20 March 2017 09:05

Arkoma Public Schools YouTube Crew Visit at CASC Featured

Written by Judi White Director of Public Relations/Marketing Carl Albert State College
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Arkoma Public School has its own YouTube channel, and members of their crew recently visited Carl Albert State College to meet with the CASC President and learn about the College.



Arkoma teacher/counselor Jennifer Falkner brought three students including Matthew Harmon, Seth Key, and Cash Womack to the CASC campus. Jennifer explained, “These students are shooting videos for our weekly update for the Capstone class at school. We use the video on our YouTube channel.”



“The visiting students did a serious interview with me for their project, then went out on campus to have a little fun” stated CASC President Jay Falkner.



“The Arkoma guys and I stopped students in the hallway of the Ollie Center, asked them a few questions about themselves and what they liked about CASC. Then we asked them if they knew the CASC President. One did know my name, but none of them realized who I was. I do admit I was dressed in jeans, a CASC shirt and a ball cap for the experiment!” President Falkner concluded, “We always enjoy having area students visit our campus. These students are doing a great job with their Capstone experience, and we were happy to be part of the production.”