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Become A PUSH Partner Protecting Your Organization During Public Health Emergencies Featured

Written by Bobby Parker
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Local Business Owners and Mangers, Please find the attached information brochure on the newly updated Oklahoma State Department of Health MIPS Push Partner program.


During a catastrophic health outbreak or following a Biological Terrorist Attack, the health department will be called upon to dispense hundreds of thousands of life saving medication to the general public to either treat or vaccinate against the disease or bio-agent. The plan we have developed to accomplish this is call MIPS or the Mass Immunization and Prophylaxis Strategy plan.


This plan depicts the method to dispense this lifesaving medication is though what is call a POD or Point of Dispensing where every member of the community will be asked to come and stand in line to receive this medication.


An alternate method to standing in line with thousands of other people is out Push Partner program where your business becomes a partner to dispense the medications to your employees and their family members.


We call this a closed POD where only your employees and their family members have to stand in line which, as you can imagine is a lot easier and shorter option.


Just about ANY Business can become a Push Partner if they meet the minimum requirements or partner with other businesses that together will meet these criteria.


There is NO COST or OBLIGATION to your company to become a Push Partner, only your willingness to create a workable plan and to possibly partner with other businesses so that you meet the criteria set out by the CDC.


Next Tuesday, March 7th we will be hosting a Community Information Meeting in Poteau to help get this program kick started in our area. Again, there is no cost or obligation to participate in this program and the meetings purpose is to cover the basics of the program and answer any initial questions you might have.


Please do your best to attend or have one of your senior staff attend this meeting to learn about this great program and potentially lifesaving benefit you can offer your employees and staff for absolutely no cost to your agency or company.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at the number listed below.


What: Local MIPS Push Partner Information Meeting for Schools, Home Health Agencies and Local Businesses

When: Tuesday March 7th, 9:00 AM.

Where: LeFlore County Health Department, 1204 Dewey Ave, Poteau, OK 74953

Contact: Bobby Parker at (918)721-3409 if you have any questions.