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Brayden Oglesby Brayden Oglesby

For two students graduating from Howe High School this spring, they’ll leave with not only a high school diploma but also an associate degree from Carl Albert State College.

Matthew Mitchell and Brayden Oglesby celebrate their decision to enroll in the Carl Albert concurrent program, saying with great guidance from their counselors and quality instruction from their instructors, the path to earning an associate degree while in college was made doable.

“I decided to enroll in concurrent to get ahead in life, and to get that experience in,” said Mitchell. “I managed taking concurrent classes in high school but effectively managing my free time. Taking concurrent classes has prepared me for the college experience and get ahead on my credits.”

“The reason I decided to enroll in concurrent classes was to give myself an advantage when college actually comes and I could better prepare myself for what was ahead,” said Oglesby. “You can see what college is about and how it’s set up. The instructors are always there for you; they want to see you succeed.”

Mitchell and Oglesby are two of 18 Howe students who earned at least 15 hours of college credit through the Carl Albert concurrent program. "I am so excited to see these young people take advantage of this incredible opportunity and what an amazing accomplishment. For Matthew and Brayden to graduate from high school with an associate degree is a testament to their drive, dedication, and time-management skills. Well done gentlemen!” said Christina Walters, Concurrent Education Coordinator. “Carl Albert State College has a great Concurrent Enrollment Program and we welcome the opportunity to work with any high school student whether it is to help them get a head start on their career, develop skills to help them be successful on the collegiate level, or to help them earn their Associate degree; contact your high school counselor or CASC for more information."

Through concurrent offerings, Carl Albert State College offers high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take college courses concurrently through a variety of different options such as on campus, online, and via ZOOM technology. High school seniors and juniors may take classes at CASC while in high school when their high school GPA is (minimum) 3.0 or 19 ACT composite or 980 SAT. Homeschooled students are considered a Junior or Senior depending on anticipated secondary school completion. Students should consult with their high school counselor and parent/guardian, complete the application, and return all credentials requested on the application.


Matthew Mitchell

Matthew Mitchell 

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