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Celebrate the Fourth of July , 2021 in Poteau Featured

Written by Terry Joe Wiles
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 LeFlore Co, Area By Terry Joe Wiles

Two or three things - Celebrate the Fourth - SAFELY !

I got a buddy we call “Lipless” . Proof positive that ya shouldn’t hold Black Cat Firecrackers in your mouth on a dare to light them ! DO NOT try that at home !
Celebrate the Fourth - Respectively ! Check with your neighbors , make sure your backyard fireworks won’t be a trouble for our vets that suffer from PTSD ! I saw it first hand when I was living in Spiro with Jimmy Ashing . Two tours in Afghanistan , survived several IED’s , a medic in HumVees ! The constant different bomb-like sounds and bright flashes of light would drive him mad . Maybe just move to the front yard with your Roman candles or go watch the display in Downtown Poteau . These vets deserve Respect . Show’em we appreciate them .

Celebrate the Fourth - Neighbors with pets just need a few minutes heads up to get the pets inside . It skeers even a brave dawg like mine that can’t get away from the clamor !

Celebrate the Fourth - In Poteau , Karen Wages and the C of C crew always have a great way to watch Poteau’s display of fireworks . It is a family event - Bounce houses , Water slides , Food Trucks , Live Music Lots of places good places in town to see the show .
And just a couple of blocks away , in Downtown Poteau , Mary Parham and Connie Abbott and the Mainstreet Matters volunteers have things for the family , too . Games , Food and shade from the new Shade Sails will make the Pocket Park lots of fun until it’s ShowTime !

This year , music will be on stage in the parking lot by City Hall . Grannie’s Nightmare starts off at 3 pm and play til 6 pm . Rocky , Brad and Dale have played several times at this event as “Sumpter” ! Now , GN will rock the afternoon with Classic Rock ! Always a crowd favorite ! AND Grannie’s Nightmare will donate $100 to the Boys and Girls Club of Poteau ! AND challenge anyone to match their donation for this great organization . All tips will be donated too so pitch a few dollars in the tipjar , it is much needed and appreciated !

Then , Connie Abbott and Country Pride start at 7 pm playing Classic Country ! This trio covers all the bases . Solid harmonies , awesome music and even a bit of sometimes funny jokes for Smilin’ Bob Garrett !
Dave Abbott carries the load behind the scenes . Besides being one of the very best lead pickers around , he hustles to load , unload , set up and work with the new sound system to make Connie and Bob sound so good !
On a somewhat sadder note , Dave’s Uncle Woodie Abbott passed away last week . Woodie couldn’t carry a note in a bucket and would admit that BUT he was one of Dave’s biggest fans . He was always front row at any event . He was a big Country fan . And will be remembered as a true Gentleman ! I know that he is front row now listening to Dave’s Dad , Hank and Uncle Sam and Charlie ! And what beautiful music it is !


And word is that on July 17th , J.B. Lloyd and Company will host an evening of Country Music in the Pocket Park . This time J.B.’s “Company” will include Earl Hearon , Robert Wright and Wesly Trout ! This will be some awesome country music from the area’s favorite musicians !

And Connie Abbott and Country Pride will play their style of Classic Country , too ! Three hours of this area’s finest musicians and singers in the comfort of the new “Sail Shades” ! More details to come !

Watch here for details on the July Singing at the Wright Family Farm !

And finally , Live Music will be heard in the area’s Assisted Living homes . My Mom , Wanda , had a short stay in Spiro back in March . Her care and the compassion that was shown gave me a need to help and say Thanks ! So I volunteered to bring them music the second week in July . Note to self , remember to get some other singers ! And a lady called me , I think Ann Caldwell , from the Oakes and asked for some music . So calling all musicians to get back in that loop . It means sooooo much to the folks that are living there and can’t get out to listen to music !

The DAV still host an Open Mic Nite at their Post #63 just North of Poteau . Music starts around 6 pm . Talk to John Sanders and he will sign you up !

The answer to last week’s question bout a singer from Talihina is Ramona Reed ! It is truly a “dream come true” kinda story . Get on a bus to Nashville , get an audition for Bob Wills and landed a job at the Grand Ole Orpy before she unpacked her suitcase ! I will write more next week to honor this Pioneer in Country Music . I hope to get to interview Miss Ramona if we can get our schedules together . She just turned 90 and is still a purty lady . And what a great representative of Country Music !

That’s all I got this week , call with info or questions . 918-647-5736 or !