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The passage of the bond issue has no impact on whether there will be a closed campus at the high school. It WILL give the school district more tools to provide better security, which includes more traffic control. Things all parents should be aware of:

1. As student enrollment increases, so will the number of vehicles.

2. There are inherent concerns about the safety of students and the public when vehicles come and go from the campus at lunchtime.

3. The culture has changed dramatically over the past decade! The availability of drugs, alcohol, and guns represents serious safety issues. School staff members have encountered disruptive issues emanating from students returning to campus after leaving for lunch.

4. We try to accommodate the personal interests of individual students and parents but we can’t ignore the ultimate responsibility of school officials to create and maintain a climate that is safe and orderly for all students.

5. The overwhelming safety concern is with vehicles and NOT with students walking to and from the campus at lunch. The Facilities Improvement Team shares concern about vehicles but has not endorsed any plan to have a “closed campus”.

6. The use of fences will direct foot traffic to areas of the campus that can be monitored appropriately, just like the fencing at the primary, elementary, and middle school. Since the fencing was put up at those sites, there have been no reports of strangers walking on school grounds. It has been effective at those sites and we hope to see the same at the high school in the future.

7. The school board is the ONLY entity that makes policies and the board has not discussed any option that would change current practices.

8. While the personal opinion of the Superintendent is that it will be necessary at some time in the future to have a campus that is “closed” to unnecessary traffic coming to and from the campus during school, it is the school board that will make policy decisions regarding a closed campus and only after careful review of the need.

To summarize, some of the security improvements that are part of the bond issue are meant to provide more control of the traffic on the high school campus.


Traffic control is necessary for the safety of our students. When it becomes necessary in the future to regulate the traffic by developing a “closed” campus, a recommendation will be made but there has been no action taken by the school board to have a “closed” campus.



Bond project rendering of the High School 


7TH 8TH PLAN BOARD copy 003

Bond project rendering of the 7th & 8th grade center

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