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Joshua Midgley (joshuathepoet) has written and he and several of his friends have published on YouTube a song for their friend Allen Daniels, who survived a car accident in April. The text below is what Midgley said about the song and Allen. To donate to Allen’s GoFundMe account, Click HERE. Click the YouTube video to watch and hear the song, "Control." The photo to the left was taken at the hospital the morning after Allen's accident. Friends from OU & OSU gathered together, held hands and prayed for God to intervene in Allen's life. At the time, doctors did not expect Allen to survive. As of this writing, Allen has not only survived but is currently undergoing therapy to re-learn how to do everyday things like brushing his teeth and smiling.


“This is a live recording of my song "Control." This song was written for Allen Caleb Daniels, and performed by some of his friends.

On April 21, 2017, Allen was on his way from Norman, Oklahoma, to Poteau, Oklahoma, to visit his mother. On the way home, Allen drove through some bad weather conditions and was in a severe automobile accident.

That same night my wife was giving birth to our son, and the reports coming our way said that Allen was not going to make it through the night.

Through support, prayer, and the will of God, Allen survived through the night and into the recovery process. Though technically still in a coma state, Allen's journey is progressing. Nevertheless, this is a lengthy journey. The more time spent in medical facilities and with medical professionals increases the amount of medical costs that Allen and his family are acquiring.

Allen Daniels was and is an incredible human being. He just got it. When I was going through troubled teenage years, Allen was using his time to serve others. A natural born leader and a hilarious friend, Allen was the life of the party. Everyone he met loved him, and he loved everyone else.

I didn't just write this song because Allen is my friend. I wrote this song because Allen is the kind of man I wish I was, and the kind of man I hope my son grows up to be. He was a man of God, and he knew God was in control. He simply lived the Gospel.

If Allen was told beforehand that he would go through this for the glory of God, he would have done it without hesitation. If any man is deserving of your help, it is Allen Daniels.

Thank you for your help and thank you for watching. Please like, share, comment, and everything else! The more people who know the story the better!"


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Group members are left to right: Vocals - Hannah Waldrop, Vocals, Acoustic - Joshua Midgley (joshuathepoet), Percussion - Samuel Waldrop, Vocals - Mariah Midgley and Acoustic - Jake Thomas.

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