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Eastern Oklahoma State College celebrates graduates during 110th Commencement Ceremony Featured

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Gary Wansick Gary Wansick


WILBURTON, OK (May 7, 2019) – Eastern Oklahoma State College hosted its 110th Commencement Ceremony on May 3 in Wilburton. An estimated 252 students will earn degrees from Eastern this year.

Gary Wansick, an Eastern alumnus and current chief of police for the City of McAlester, was the keynote speaker for the ceremony. A first generation college student, Wansick spoke about how his time at Eastern shaped his life and the benefits of the earning a college degree.

“I can speak with sincerity and passion about Eastern. Two of the best years of my life were lived on this campus as I transitioned from a youth to becoming an adult. In high school, I had been a mediocre student, satisfied with just getting by and making passing grades. But, here with the expertise and the encouragement of the faculty and staff, I learned to enjoy academics. I learned to love learning. I would not be the man I am today without this institution,” Wansick said.


Wansick also recognized and commended the diverse types of students that were part of the Class of 2019


“For you graduates, many paths have brought you to this accomplishment. From traditional students who came here after high school, concurrent students that completed much of your work during high school, and on-campus students and those that commute or take online classes, I congratulate each of you for earning your degree,” Wansick said. “Some of you will go on to other institutions of higher learning while others will head to the workforce becoming productive members of your community and providing for your families. Whatever your choices, what you learned here and what you have become is in large part due to hard work, perseverance and this college. As a fellow graduate, may your journey be filled with success and may God bless each and every one of you.”


Wansick initially attended Eastern from 1978-80. He studied psychology and played tennis for the Mountaineers before transferring to the University of Oklahoma. Before he completed his degree, Wansick began working as a police officer for the Moore Police Department and discovered his true calling. He returned to the McAlester Police Department as an officer in 1981 and worked his way through the ranks as a lieutenant in the Criminal Investigation Division and a captain before being named Chief of Police in 2013. 

Wansick returned to Eastern to complete his criminal justice degree in 2000.

Eastern’s 252 graduates included 109 students who earned an associate of arts degree, 94 who earned an associate of science degree, 44 who earned an associate of applied science degree and five who earned one-year certificates of mastery.

Eastern’s 2019 graduates listed by county include:



Atoka County

Tyreke R. Johnson, Atoka - (A.A.) General Studies

Jessica Nicole Partin, Atoka - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Carlee Annette Turrentine, Atoka - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Baleigh D. Drake, Wardville - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Bryan County

Noe C. Alaniz, Bokchito - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Santana Marie Milligan, Durant - (A.S.) Business Administration

Cleveland County

Alexis Fessler, Moore - (A.S.) Life Science

Christopher M. Herb, Moore - (A.S.) Mathematics

Dale E. Shackleford, Noble - (A.A.) Music, General Studies, and Mass Communication

Comanche County

Cameron C. Woods, Chattanooga - (A.S.) Agriculture Education and Animal Science

Ashley N. Pletcher, Lawton - (A.S.) Life Science

Haskell County

Zachary C. Leon, Kinta - (A.A.) General Studies and (A.S.) Business Administration

James L. Percifield, Kinta - (A.S.) CIS Software Development

Ashley D. Thomas, Kinta - (A.S.) Psychology/Sociology

Dawson G. Barger, Stigler - (A.A.) General Studies

Kirsten Kali Roachell, Stigler - (A.A.) General Studies

Hughes County

Austin B. Peters, Holdenville - (A.S.) Environmental Science

Kelsy Kay Cunningham, Stuart - (A.S.) Life Science

Latimer County

Jayda R. Crockett, Panola - (A.A.) General Studies

Cassie L. Bates, Red Oak - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Jace D. Blaylock, Red Oak - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Cody S. Muncy, Red Oak - (A.S.) Life Science

Brendan M. Patten, Red Oak - (A.S.) Horticulture

Danielle Spargur, Red Oak - (A.A.S.) Child Development

Leila V. Aaron, Wilburton - (A.A.) Music

Kirstie D. Blackwood, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Crystal Caldwell, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

David E. Charles, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Melissa A. Derryberry, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Bill Guy Donoley V, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Elisabeth R. Higdon, Wilburton - (A.S.) Business Administration

John N. Hirrill, Wilburton - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Susie J. Holloway, Wilburton Child Development Certificate

Marra A. Juarez, Wilburton - (A.S.) Life Science

Sara Renee Maltese, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Alicia Martinez, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Rachel L. McCabe, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Tanner D. Milligan, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Dakota Kay Morgan, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Brandon K. Parks, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Bradley T. Rader, Wilburton - (A.S.) Life Science

Derica Nikole Roberts, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Marsha L. Robinson, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Ranch Management-Stocker Operations

Madison Rutledge, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Jeffery L. Smith, Wilburton - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Jager Sokolosky, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Dennis L. Stanford, Wilburton - (A.S.) Psychology/Sociology

Raygan J. Stanford, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Ashlynn B. Vinson, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Elizabeth A. Wilson, Wilburton - (A.S.) CIS Software Development

LeFlore County

John Boggs III, Cameron - (A.S.) Animal Science and (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Jerrid L. Edgington, Heavener - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Alexis Brianne Moody, Heavener - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Nikita M. Wemmreus, Howe - (A.A.) Music

Elizabeth S. Young, Poteau - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Nicole M. Ryan, Shady Point - (A.S.) Agronomy

Joshua D. Cole, Spiro - (A.A.) Mass Communication

Cortney L. Stankewitz, Spiro - (A.A.S.) Nursing

William S. Fry, Talihina - (A.S.) Environmental Science

Mackenzie A. Green, Talihina - (A.S.) Life Science

Jonnie G. Kennedy, Talihina - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Paige C. McCulley, Talihina - (A.S.) Horticulture

Kelly Diane Mings, Talihina - (A.S.) Business Administration

Brenna L. Vise, Talihina - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Morgan D. Wilcox, Talihina - (A.A.) General Studies

Mayes County

Rhett D. Pursley, Locust Grove - (A.S.) Animal Science and (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine

McClain County

Kaitlyn D. Smith, Blanchard - (A.S.) Life Science

McCurtain County

Charissa A. Billingsley, Bethel - (A.S.) Business Administration

Shannon B. Deihl, Broken Bow - (A.A.) General Studies

Tessa M. Foshee, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Emily Fuller, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Synthia A. Gauldin, Broken Bow - (A.A.) Child Development

Carrie E. Huff, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Business Administration

James K. Johnson, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology, (A.S.) Environmental Science and (A.A.S.) Ranch Management-Stocker Operations

Mitchell Magar, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Environmental Science

Johnathon N. Roberts, Broken Bow - (A.A.) General Studies

Kaleb Routh, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Business Administration

Chrystan S. Scott, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Life Science

Kimberly D. Stafford, Eagletown - (A.A.) General Studies

Alexsandra L. Huffman, Garvin - (A.A.) General Studies

Matthew D. Gooding, Hugo - (A.S.) Business Administration

Krystle Harris, Hugo - (A.A.) History/Political Science

Shelby A. Andolino, Idabel - (A.S.) Business Administration

Leslie F. Dicketts, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Ariannah Lael Smith, Idabel - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Cyndi A. Tushka, Idabel - (A.S.) Business Administration

Kaylee Jewell Walker, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Mollie L. Ludlow, Smithville - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Kylee Alison Cody, Valliant - (A.A.) General Studies

McIntosh County

Andrew J. Mann, Checotah - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Julie W. Gatlin, Eufaula - (A.S.) Business Administration

Charidy Russell, Eufaula - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Muskogee County

Destiny Jones, Muskogee - (A.A.) General Studies

Brandon James Blackford, Porum - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Victoria R. Davison, Porum - (A.S.) Life Science and (A.A.) General Studies

Noble County

Hunter G. Black, Perry - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Oklahoma County

Michael Turay, Midwest City - (A.A.) General Studies

Brady J. Smith, Oklahoma City - (A.A.) General Studies

Austin Ty Warfel, Oklahoma City - (A.S.) Business Administration

Pittsburg County

Taylor D. Dickerson, Alderson - (A.A.) General Studies

Kala L. Huggins, Alderson - (A.A.) General Studies

Caleb H. McLennan, Blanco - (A.A.) General Studies

Kelbi D. Green, Canadian - (A.S.) Business Administration

Tyler F. Akins, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Business Administration

Brady Bailey, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Cherie M. Riddle Battle, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Psychology/Sociology

Katie Jo Carlton, Hartshorne - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Kiara R. Covey, Hartshorne Child Development Certificate

Payton N. Emmert, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies and (A.S.) Psychology/Sociology

Terri Green, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Psychology/Sociology

Dawn Ivey, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

Eugene C. Lopez, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology

Molly E. Mattioda, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Business Administration

Bianca F. Medina, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

James M. Morgan, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

James Michael Phillips, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Life Science

Tessia M. Purvis, Hartshorne - (A.A.S.) Nursing and (A.S.) Psychology/Sociology

Lauren Brooke York, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

Kendall J. Young, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

Raeanne M. Zozula, Hartshorne - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Kristin Leanne Eller, Indianola - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Myka D. Riddle, Indianola - (A.S.) Life Science

Brittany L. Odell, Kiowa - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Brad L. Davis, Krebs - (A.A.) General Studies

Keeley L. Morgano, Krebs - (A.A.) Enterprise Development-General Studies

Darylyn Soles, Krebs - (A.A.) General Studies

Shannon A. Baker, McAlester - (A.S.) Psychology/Sociology

Samantha J. Bridge, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Shaye Ann Brown, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Molly A. Bryant, McAlester - (A.S.) Psychology/Sociology

Nancy A. Butler, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Tucker L. Capps, McAlester - (A.S.) Life Science

Taylor R. Compton, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Julie C. Cregan, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Kori E. Edwards, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Billy Monroe Ford, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Kaylen D. Forehand, McAlester - (A.S.) Life Science

Ashley Nicole Gammons, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Vhitney S. Garner, McAlester - (A.A.) Child Development and Child Development Certificate

Bethanie C. Gray, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Keaton Hackler, McAlester - (A.A.) History/Political Science

Summer D. Hardy, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Shadoe R. Harshaw, McAlester - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Brittany M. Humphrey, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Madeline Jarrett, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Britton L. Kelley, McAlester - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Kabyn L. Kelley, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Rebecca L. Krause, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Elizabeth Kristine Lalli, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Daniel H. Lenox, McAlester - (A.S.)Mathematics

Donna D. McKee, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Cyndal Kristan Zina McKendrick-Bates, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Mark D. Merrell, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

John W. Moffitt, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Katelyn Jean Nelms, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Chase A. Parent, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Paige E. Peppler, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Ethan William Prince, McAlester - (A.A.) History/Political Science

Christopher M. Repass, McAlester - (A.A.) History/Political Science

Erica N. Rodebush, McAlester - (A.S.) Psychology/Sociology

Hannah Siren, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Justice E. Smith, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Shanna F. Smith, McAlester - (A.A.) Child Development and (A.A.S.) Child Development

Amanda Lynn Suter, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Jaylen Thomas, McAlester - (A.S.) Mathematics

Miranda R. Thompson, McAlester - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Jennifer L. Tighe, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Shelby Cheyanne Trueblood, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Nathan Vanblaricom, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Anita Lujean Vaughan, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Nikki Walling, McAlester Child Development Certificate

Rebecca Kay Ward, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Adisyn K. Webster, McAlester - (A.S.) Life Science

Retha Whitlock, McAlester Child Development Certificate

Kimberlyn H. Whitwell, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Brooke L. Wilkins, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Jasmine N. Wright, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Jessica L. Russell, Pittsburg - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Chelsea A. Stiles, Pittsburg - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Elijah R. Fitzer, Quinton - (A.S.) Life Science

Brittany Flores, Quinton - (A.A.) General Studies

Leslie N. Maxwell, Quinton - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Dante Haven Alexander Miller, Quinton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Nathan Minyard, Quinton - (A.A.) General Studies

Rachil R. Needham, Quinton - (A.A.) History/Political Science

Brianna Ryshl Oxford, Quinton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Sondra D. Ruiz, Quinton - (A.A.) General Studies

Cierra Gomez, Savanna - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Jonathon L. Impson, Savanna - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

James C. Underwood, Savanna - (A.S.) Business Administration

Jennifer A. Watts, Savanna - (A.A.) General Studies

Megan L. Luker, Stuart - (A.S.) Psychology/Sociology

Jacee D. Wooley, Stuart - (A.S.) Business Administration

Ponotoc County

Sydney L. Hutchings, Ada - (A.A.) General Studies

Tanner W. Jarrett, Ada - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Makenna L. Jimeson, Ada - (A.A.) General Studies

Pushmataha County

Grace C. Cowett, Antlers - (A.A.) General Studies

Stephanie R. Merck, Antlers - (A.S.) Business Administration

Annie E. Renteria, Antlers - (A.A.) Child Development

Devin R. Kozel, Clayton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Cassandra S. Carter, Finley - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Lucinda F. Roberts, Tuskahoma - (A.A.) History/Political Science

Rogers County

Amberly S. Morgan, Chelsea - (A.S.) Life Science

Sequoyah County

Joshua L. Bolin, Sallisaw - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Tulsa County

Jeremiah C. Goodwin, Bixby - (A.A.) General Studies

Ousman Gomez, Tulsa - (A.A.) General Studies

Wagoner County

Bailey Dorr, Wagoner - (A.A.) General Studies


Alex M. Day, Ashdown - (A.A.) General Studies

Robert D. Broseus, Berryville - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Elijah Davis, Conway - (A.A.) General Studies

Kolby O. Reck, Conway - (A.S.) Business Administration

Cade Tucker, Conway - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Jessika M. Calhoon, Farmington - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Austin R. Cook, Greenbrier - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Madison R. Durham, Hackett - (A.A.) General Studies

Haven W. Hunter, Lonoke - (A.A.) General Studies

Elisha Hobbs, Marion - (A.A.) General Studies

Nicholas Butler, Sherwood - (A.A.) General Studies

Devin Mosley, West Memphis - (A.S.) Physical Science

Tevin Mosley, West Memphis - (A.S.) Physical Science


Devrie L. Freeman, Alpine - (A.A.) General Studies


Jonathan P. Ward, Chiefland - (A.A.) General Studies


Garrett Dodd, Resaca - (A.S.) Animal Science


Brandi E. Henderson, Goshen - (A.S.) Animal Science, (A.S.) Agriculture Education and (A.S.) Agriculture Economics


Tiffany N. Vangaasbeek, Wichita - (A.S.) Psychology/Sociology


Tangella L. Landry, Lafayette - (A.S.) Criminal Justice


Edgar A. Torres, Carrollton - (A.S.) Business Administration

Jacob Womack, Henderson - (A.A.) General Studies

Roma D. Walters, Justin - (A.A.) General Studies

Cailee M. Hendrick, Lufkin - (A.A.) General Studies

Codi L. Lamb, Marion - (A.A.) Agriculture Economics and (A.S.) Animal Science

Kaylee F. Bennett, San Augustine - (A.A.) General Studies


Christian J. Fresquez, Eagle Mountain - (A.A.) General Studies


Tayze Ellington, Kingston, Jamaica - (A.A.) General Studies

Christopher Thorpe, Kingston, Jamaica - (A.A.) General Studies


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