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Written by Terry Joe Wiles
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Connie Abbott and Country Pride Connie Abbott and Country Pride

Support Live Music #127 --- LeFlore Co, Area By Terry Joe Wiles


Ya know , It is still too few and far between BUT Live Music events are making a comeback . There’s a good place to enjoy it every weekend now ! Thru the years there have always been too many bands for the venues . But the bands that are out there , plugging away , getting the gigs , staying busy are the ones that stand out . They have all the right stuff and are not afraid to use it !

I was blessed thru my years on the bandstand . I had the honor to play with the best in our area and with a pure-dee star on occasion . It was just being at the right place , right time and right musicians that made that happen . They didn’t seek me out ! But , I didn’t learn from the good players , I was distracted ! Either love or lost in my ozone . Thru osmosis (the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc.) I gained experience by soaking up good habits to offset my glaringly obvious bad ones . I stayed busy !

In the last ten years of playing , I have been involved with the creme of the crop ! The musicians that played and sang every note with passion . Playing as hard for ten as they would for a thousand . Their best attitudes and habits on stage helped so that I could really enjoy playing again !

But in my defense , I am now looking thru a new pair of glasses . Emotions exposed , learning to play again , without the liquid courage that I had to have just to get on stage to play at the dances ! So I was teachable , God provided the teachers . It was humbling to say the least .

These are the musicians , combos and bands that have practiced , continued learning , and played as often as possible thru the lockdown . And more than anything else because of their love of music . They are playing now because of that attitude . So when I say I love to hear a band or that they are my favorite , it’s because after a song or a show , I have been moved by their music ! It is contagious ! A kinda the “Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu” feeling . Can’t keep from patting your foot music .

The live music available is for the most part at no cost . The venues and events are doing their best to help make music part of an afternoon or evenings entertainment . But I hope that this business of music is struggling thru the same increase of cost to support itself . Equipment and cost of transportation have doubled in the last year and a half . But the pay is still not keeping up with the times . I urge the venues that include music consider that fact . And that’s what makes the tip jar so important , too ! A $20 might cover the gas , a five will almost buy a set of strings , a dollar bill will let them know that they are appreciated . And I promise ya that a sincere “Thanks for Playing” goes a long way . And that’s to the support staff , too . It takes a village to put on an outside event . Mostly volunteers . Let them know that you're grateful for their efforts ! I am doing my best to say , “I appreciate all the hard work and talent , the hard work and effort of the support teams , and to you , the fans of Live Music “ !

Now here’s your chance to listen to some great music this weekend !

Grannie’s Nightmare can be depended on to rattle the winders and rock the house over in FT Smith on Grand Ave. Classic Rock from the power trio will entertain and sometimes jog a memory loose of the song and the first time that ya heard it ! Brad is up to the task of carrying the lead vocals , rhythm guitar and some creative lead work . But he has some great bass and percussion to hold the songs together . Rocky and Dale are as solid as it gets . Check them out this Sat. the 17th . Music from 9:30 til 1:30 !

It will be Country music downtown Poteau , this Sat. the 17th ! Late afternoon , it will be comfortable , shady and entertaining , I guarantee !

J.B. Lloyd reserved the date about 15 minutes after the first Musicians ReUnion back in May . J.B. and Company will be different musicians than that event , but the music will still be Country . Sharing the singing with Earl Hearon will make this musical offering special .

thumbnail JB JB Copy

J.B. Lloyd

J.B. and Earl have some shared musician influences of the greats , Merle Haggard , George Jones , Conway Twitty and on & on . Robert Wright is one of the very best sidemen in the area . He will be on piano , guitar , harmony , drive the bus and probably sell t-shirts . And on drums , Wesley Trout . He has helped Earl and the Sound of Country in the past . He’s solid on percussion , with great instincts and attitude . This show will be a treat !

Then the other part of this Double Billed event , Connie Abbott and Country Pride . Always a favorite of mine and will make sure that the afternoon will be “keepin’ it country” ! Everybody in this trio sings , lead and Harmony . Playing all your favorites in Classic Country . And don’t be afraid to get up and dance . Plenty of room . You will love these folks !

This event will be from 5-8 pm . It is a lawnchair kinda event . Snackbar will be open and at that time of afternoon , the Pocket Park will be in the shade . See ya there .

Oklahoma Moon has a full day this Sat. the 17th ! Starting at 11 am , they play at Chaffee Crossing for the Artisian’s Market . It will be out at Fort Chaffee in the city owned area close to Hwy 22 and I-49!
Then they travel to perform Cypress Cove Marina up in Wagoner at 6 pm !

So git out and support Live Music . For info given or needed call 918 649 5736 or !

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Earl Hearon