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Saturday, 30 July 2022 16:14

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Written by Donna Deaton
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I recently had the opportunity to visit with former educator/administrator, energy plant administrator, community leader, and former state representative, Lundy Kiger about his “near” death experience and what has happened since “The Sting” as he calls it. I’m not going to recount his story in its entirety here. That’s Lundy’s story to tell, which he does on his website LivingToTellAboutIt.org. I do plan to go beyond the story and answer some hard questions that he was happy to answer.

TLDNR: Kiger was stung by something June 30, 2021, that caused his experience. Since then, he began telling his story “Living to Tell About It” and now has a website dedicated to doing just that and to encourage others--LivingToTellAboutIt.org.

I started my interview with Kiger by asking him to briefly tell me about his experience and to describe the hours prior to “The Sting”. He began by telling me that the devil had been working on him ever since he made a commitment to live for God in January of 2021. Kiger said he had been a Christian since age 20, but he didn’t take the steps to turn it into a very real and strong personal relationship with Christ until January or 2021. He became aware of the spiritual battle around him soon afterward.

The day of “The Sting” Kiger said he remembered thinking what a beautiful day it was. He and Samantha were visiting a property about 15 minutes from town. He said he felt something hit the side of his face hard and brushed away something that looked black as it fell away. Shortly afterward, he began to feel ill and went to the truck to sit down. See the videos on LivingToTellAboutIt.org for what happened next.

Kiger said that when he closed his eyes the last time then reopened them, he knew he was somewhere else. He could see a path ahead, but it seemed veiled. There was also someone there to his right, and he knew that person was there to take him to heaven. He said, “We began moving forward, but we weren’t walking, just moving forward. I felt something down below me and shortly I realized that it was human life. The next thing I knew, I was on a gurney in the back of an ambulance and throwing up. I felt an overwhelming level of disappointment that I had come back.”

For more details about Lundy’s story, watch the videos at his website LivingToTellAboutIt.org. He makes this statement “My Testimony of God's Grace--The Day You Die Doesn't Have To Be The Worst Day of Your Life. In Fact, For Me, It Was The Greatest Day of My Life and It Changed My Life Forever.”

I then began asking those questions I, myself, had. What is in this for you? Why are you doing this? Are you benefiting financially from this?

“I’m doing this because God told me to ‘tell the believers.’ I believe that He wants me to help lead those who don’t have a personal relationship with Him to want that relationship. Samantha and I have been blessed financially. We don’t need the money. Everything that we’ve done about this has been out of our pockets. I will not accept a penny from anyone for myself. I got a call from a church in Oklahoma City asking me to go there to tell my story. The pastor said they would give me a donation for it. I told him that I would donate it right back to the church if they did. God didn’t give me this experience to profit financially from. He gave it to me for His kingdom’s benefit—to make stronger believers.”

“God has been in this from the beginning. Samantha is a former EMT so knew what to do to keep me comfortable during the 15 minutes we waited for the ambulance to arrive. When I decided I needed to do more than just post on Facebook, I called around three different states looking for someone to do the videos. God revealed to me that there was a man just two houses from mine who had a studio and would do the videos. I can stand in his driveway and see my home. God continues to guide me along this path He has put me on.”

As we concluded the interview Lundy told me that he has already planned the epitaph he wants on his tombstone when he does die. I’ve included part of what he wants below.


There is a lot more of the interview that I’ve left out, but at least part of it will be included in a video on Kiger’s website LivingToTellAboutIt.org in the near future.

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