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If the good Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise ! Featured

Written by Terry Joe Wiles
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Support Live Music  --- LeFlore Co, Area By Terry Joe Wiles

Where is your spirit of adventure ? What happened to “when this lockdown is over , I’m getting outta this house “ ? You all do know that getting a lil’ rain on ya will NOT cause ya to melt ! I understand more would float than melt !
There’s something to be a part of going on close to you NOW ! Be like the Boy Scouts and “Be Prepared” ! I remember that as a family , we would plan picnics or trips to the lake or to hear music and we just planned on getting a lil’ wet ! Ya know , plan a picnic and it WILL rain . But that didn’t keep us home locked up . On-line weather can tell ya almost to the minute when rain will start and stop ! Support these events with a grand sense of Adventure !
Now , I said all that to say this ! Live music events or events that have live music are going on every weekend thru the Summer . Lum and Abner was well attended despite the shower both days . The Heavener First Friday Food Fair and Trade Days had Vendor Tents and crafts tables set up and attendance was light but between showers there was folks supporting this fundraising event ! Plans to do it again !

This coming weekend , Rearvue Mirror will be at the Coffee Cup this Sat. the 12th ! It is the only scheduled date until late Fall so I’ll meet ya there ! Always great music with a few surprises in the set list . LaDonna , Larry , Reggie and Dennis have been keeping music alive thruout this year and I for one are proud of them for it ! So let’s get together at the “Cup” about 6:30 and show them some Love ! See ya there !

After a week off and a couple nites of practice , Grannie’s Nightmare , “That Lil’ Ole Band from Poteau” , will bring their High Energy Rock to the Cherokee Creek Golf Course in Booneville, Ark . It will be from 7-11 pm on Friday the 11th . Outside stage and open to the public ! Just a short scenic ride from here , and what a great family trip . Golf , picnic and R&R !
Then Grannie’s Nightmare rides again on Sat. the 12th , bout an hour SW of Poteau at Chuck’s Classic Bar and Grill , the music starts at 1 and goes til 4 pm . R&R will echo thru Buffalo Valley for a purty good while after ! Dale Fraze Sr. will be Taking Care of Business with Brad and Rocky Sumpter ! Some new tunes will be offered with the good food and drinks ! And be ready for the sound of thunder ‘cause it is a stop for the Motorcycles that roar thru the mts. ! Awesome scenery , great food and R&R ! Sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon ! A lil’ later , Robert Shores plays from 7 pm til ? !
Oklahoma Moon will play for the dancers at Cavanaugh Senior Activity Center on Friday the 11th . Great place to dance , BIG dance floor ! The music can be heard from 7-10 pm . Located at 2700 Cavanaugh rd , Ft Smith ! Then they will play at Neumeiers Rib Room on Garrison Ave . this Sat. the 12th ! On the Patio from 6-9 pm !

Another afternoon of Live Music in the Pocket Park is coming up on Sat. the 19th ! Hosted by Connie Abbott and Country Pride , it will start at 1 pm with Oklahoma Moon - 3:30 , it’s Backslider’s Wine and at 6 Connie Abbott and Country Pride ! All these folks are good friends of mine (more so on the weeks that they need a mention, JK ) and it will be a full day of Classic Country Music with a lil’ Gospel throwed in ! I’ll give it a mention again next Tues. so that you can make plans !

I have already mentioned the Talimena Scenic Mountain Bash . BUT I will type a lil’ louder for the hard of hearing readers . It is on the 19th , too ! All kinds of goin’s on that Sat. for the family ! Pony Rides , Cake Walks and food , Lot’s of food ! I already signed up for the pie-eating contest . Lord , let Nanner pudding be my pie !
The music starts at Noon with MJ and the Geezers , 2 pm is Robert Shores and 4 pm is Big Cedar’s own Gatlin-Hoffpauir ! This is one great afternoon lineup of talent ! I keep mentioning how much I like the two LeFlore Co. bands , Well , I DO !

I just got to talk to Robert Shores once and hope to do an interview next week . But he has been on a weeklong tour up in Wisconsin . Playing the State Fair and more ! Robert has a great country style as a singer/songwriter and the country charm to go with the talent ! There is a chance to hear him perform at Chuck Classic bar and grill in Tuskahoma this Sat the 12th ,after Grannies Nightmare , with his set starting at 7 pm .

Y’all help me with info . I can only write bout what I can remember ! So I am lucky to remember the right day to turn it in !

Contact me at 918-647-5736 or tj.wiles61@outlook.com ! Thanks !