Monroe School Bond Issue 2023

Tuesday, 24 January 2023 16:38

Monroe School Bond Issue 2023 Featured

Written by Donna Deaton
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Voters in the Monroe School District will head to the polls in February to vote on two proposals. According to Monroe superintendent Karen LaRosa, “As Administrator, nothing is more important to me at Monroe School than the well-being and education of our children. Keeping current and proactive in this area will help provide our students with a competitive edge and enable them to excel in their educational experiences.”

“We began proposing bond issues in 2011 and our community exhibited great support for our school and students by approving them with their vote and then rolling that initial bond over for the past 10 years. With your support of our bond proposals, we have been able to make many upgrades to our school district that we all should be proud of!”

Since 2011, registered voters in the Monroe School District have approved bond issues totaling $830,000, to provide busses, technology, a community safe room/storm shelter, and other necessities for keeping students safe at school. The most recent bond, which is closing soon, allowed the school to remodel and repair the gymnasium and elementary building roofs and a HVAC for the 3rd through 8th grade classrooms. This bond also helped replace the roofs damaged during the March 2019 hailstorm, install new windows in the kitchen/dining room, purchase new kitchen equipment, upgrade flooring and awnings, and install new black galvanized chain link fence around the playground.

Mrs. LaRosa said, “Supporting these bond issues will not raise your taxes. Your taxes will not go up and it will allow for improvements in OUR school district. I encourage all parents, future parents, grandparents, extended family members and friends in the Monroe School District to vote in support of the bond issue on February 14th.”

Proposition #1 asks voters to approve $45,000 to renovate, repair, or remodel existing school sites and acquire equipment district wide, as needed. Proposition #2 asks voters to approve $230,000 to acquire two new buses for student transportation.

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