“Music is the weapon in the war against unhappiness”- Jason Mraz

Monday, 06 November 2023 21:23

“Music is the weapon in the war against unhappiness”- Jason Mraz Featured

Written by Terry Joe Wiles
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“Music is the weapon in the war against unhappiness”- Jason Mraz

I don’t know who this Jason feller is, but I like the way he thinks.

This thot throwed me into a tail-spin of a google search. It brought to mind song after song, mostly radio hits that always created “Happy” in most of us.

1 with a bullet and still used as a catch-all phrase that is overused- “Don’t Worry- Be Happy” - Bobby McFerrin. This song was everywhere. Radio on all stations, TV commercials, folks singing in their cars, sing-a-long song of the century. At times, it got to be a lil’ too much.

“Oh, Happy Day” - The Edwin Hawkins Singers. #1 Gospel Radio Hit. Really uplifting. Dial it in, turn it up, sing a long.

“Happy Trails To You”- Roy Rogers. Now this dates me a bit, but it came out on the tv show in 1952. I had been here only a year then and we only got a tv in 1955. It was a popular Radio theme song in the 1940’s, Roy Rogers Show. Do you remember?

“Happy Together”- The Turtles. Topping at #1 on Billboard Top 100 in 1967. Again, another great tune to sing-a-long. It was quickly grabbed by TV and radio commercials.
“Sunday Monday happy days-Tuesday Wednesday happy days-

Thursday Friday happy days-Saturday what a day-Rockin' all week for you”! “Happy Days” Theme Song. Everybody knows it. Some would run to the TV to watch the show, some would run away. But I can almost guarantee that it is an earworm song to most of ya now. And you are welcome!

I am gonna start singing the praises of those behind the scenes. The ones who help the bands use the tools online to inform, promote, remind fans of scheduled gigs. I am talking about the wives, girlfriends, partners and fans of Live Music. Without them, most of the musicians that I know wouldn’t even be able to make the gig fully clothed.

“The Shady Oak Tribadours” have only been together a lil’ over a year. This band works hard and sounds great. Their fanbase and schedules have greatly improved since the first of the year when Ede Bates started helping with their fb promotions. Ede, along with her Mom, Donnetta Harmon, started posting pics and videos after they heard the guys at Warehouse Willie’s. Then the banners, posters and the reels started coming shortly thereafter. Using their talents, the posts are eye catching, informative and just plain cool. Ede does the posters, Donetta does the reels. I love their work. It has helped the SOT fans to make plans to catch their next show and that has helped the band to get return gigs in what is now a tough market.

Thanks to Ede and Donneta from me, prez. of the Tribby fan club and all their fans for making the guys easier to follow and find. Thanks from the band, too. Be a Tribby!

Live Music this week. Tuesday 7th from 6-9pm, “The Shady Oak Tribadours” will be at La Huertas/Poteau. It’s a treat to get to hear the guys in this fairly new venue for Live Music. Thanks, Jose. Please send me your schedule. Then, Sat. 11th, they play a dance for the Ark. Retired Military Veterans.

Dawn’s Diner will have two nites of awesome Country music this week. Friday10th, “Earl Hearon and the Sound of Country” will play your dance favorites. It’s gonna be fun. Don’t miss it! Round 2- “Make it a Double” will be at Dawn’s Diner/Red Oak this Sat. 11th. The vittles start earlier in the day, but the dance is from 6-10pm. Great Country music by Connie and Dave Abbott.

Crocky’s Cafe/Hackett will have “Oklahoma 59 South” on Friday 10th. Sat. 11th, it’s “Paul and Back in the Day”. Good food and great music that starts at 6pm- The Fort Smith Senior Activity Center will have another popular band for the Friday 10th dance. The “Richard Rouch Band” play Country favorites and a lil’ R&R to keep the big Dance floor a hoppin’. Dance starts at 7pm. Make plans to be there. - Muldrow City Limits will have a show by “The Vault” on Sat. 11th. Music starts at 7 pm. - “The Libby Starkes Band” will play Friday 10th and Sat. 11th at RCB’s in Eufaula. Libby is a Favorite at the “Rockin’ Country Bar”. Music starts both nites at 9 pm.

That ain’t all I got to say but it’s a good place to stop. Support your local bands.

Be Happy! Here’s another earworm. Try not to think about the whistlin’ Andy Griffith Theme song. Again you are welcome.

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