Remembrance Day

Friday, 10 November 2023 09:36

Remembrance Day Featured

Written by James Lockhart
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Remembrance Day

It’s sunny and eighty degrees on Iwo Jima today,

The flag flutters in the breeze,

Mount Suribachi rises high

An looks O’er,

Where so many Marines died 

At Flanders Field it’s cold and dreary,

On the briny shore of 


It’s cool and partly sunny, 

The cemetery’s green grass joins the sandy beach,

Where the DDay forces clashed

Thousands fell, 

Today it’s silent, no more screams or yells

Our soldiers went where Uncle Sam sent ‘em

Not to conquer or dictate,

But Merely to give a chance,

Before it was too late,


That’s what the United States Armed Services stood for,

All over the world, 

We only asked for enough land to bury our fallen, 

An not an acre more,

So honor them all on this Remembrance Day,

And remember the sacrifices they’ve made 

Some came home after the war,

But for many, 

they died,

never knowing the final score,

cemeteries around the world Remind us,

From the South Pacific,

To the streets of Paris,

White, shiny marble crosses

Cast a solemn stare,

They say, don’t forget what we did here,

Our families miss us, 


the silent ones,

Remember, I too, 

was someone’s son, 

Enjoy the Freedom we have won, 


don’t ever forget,

what I done. 


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